Key BLACK HISTORY Subject: Percy “MASTER P” Miller

In News on February 17, 2016 at 4:34 am

key-blk-history-subj-percy-masterp-miller.jpgIf you want to get more crunk and raise your level of aspire
You owe it to yourself to peep MASTER P’S FAMILY EMPIRE.

Somebody’s got to do it, somebody’s got to show the world HOW
to take your street talents and convert them into a mega cash cow.

REELZ has made real Mr. Percy’s quest to part-control
the view on the tube — for it shapes the masses of souls.

I should know, I was raised by the tube
I thought I could piece together a good life with PBS and glue.

But it wasn’t true, I was dealt in this life a specific card
and American History said my melanin would make life hard

and society said collectively we couldn’t make a lot of money,
then Percy Miller rose from the boot and said, “Ughhhh!” – Ain’t that funny?

He’s no mystery.
Master P is good BLACK HISTORY.

I’ve been watching this man for a long time.
He’s been lucratively grunting while on his grind.
He lives under the radar and resides in his good mind.
The media isn’t much interested in his sustaining shine.

I am. He’s got 9 kids and each one is trying to out shine him.
He’s a bright light to a good mind that may reside in dim.

The way he has come up has etched out new gold.
Master P broadcasts Lifes Game – that thang that should be sold.

But if he doesn’t tell the mass of our children then who on earth will?
I appreciate #GoodHead. I appreciate his spill.

I appreciate seeing his kids on his new reality  show —master-p-family
reminding the rest of our kids that HARD WORK is the way to go!

Master P is full of non-finance/funding “NO’s” and I do understand.
Being successful while black in business…seems instinctive to hold their hands,

but Percy ain’t hand holding. He’s a self made man.
He even made Hercy and Mercy come up with a business plan.

The plan wasn’t for anything smalltime, like a lemonade stand
then right behind them came Cymphonique with a studio idea for dance.

These are Percy Miller’s offspring, his contributions of love and unity.
I am inspired by PME in my Black History community.

Surely you know Master P, but do you know yourself?
I’m Qui
Trying to be like P and turn my natural talents into wealth.

He’s obviously an Alchemist. 😀
Me too.

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