What about ARETHA

In News on February 29, 2016 at 5:02 am

Qui Entertainment Magazine


Black History couldn’t be more pleased. Collectively — all races are thankin’
the good Lord for angelic voices and The Queen of Soul: Aretha Franklin.


At those points when my soul needs soothing and I yearn to feel comforted during praise,
I put on Ms. Aretha Franklin to help purge the darkness away; I then meditate & pray.

It’s necessary – as is a good comforting voice;
Thus her gift is todays Black History focus & noted choice.

Black History LoverAnother Black & Historical Singer that spawn in soothing thoughts paralleling Aretha
Is the angel we lost far too soon, the versatile vocal styled Aaliyah.

They say “Chicken Soup is good for the soul”.
Well Chicken Soup ain’t got stock on the formentioned two; ergo.

…and now you know.

I’m Qui
Documenting history…


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