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I’m surrounded by KKK

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I prayed like Daniel and each woman showed up...

At first I felt alone, but then I prayed like Daniel and each woman showed up and surrounded me with knowledge… 

… and it feels like they love me. I’m an artists wandering through the manual of the generations before me; they are better known as ‘the baby boomers.’ They accomplished some pretty iconic and cool things in the height of their productive era. My parents are baby boomers and the golden years are approaching. My father served this great country via the United States Air Force in his youth, in fact his initial squadron was SAC [Strategic Air Command] in Puerto Rico. It was my first time living out of the country. My family loved it.

Many moons have passed and Mom & Dad divorced and he remarried in 2012. As their golden years open up I am charged with choreographing their long term care and residential situation. Being that I’m barely 40 and my knowledge of retirement care and senior living is green,  –I am going for it anyway (a better understanding).

Beyond the Veterans Administration hooking me up with Kathy, a representative for hospice services to help me grasp the scope of my parents medical situation I did a little research online and found Kali on an awesome site that acts as a recruiting rep./ a liaison of sorts between the family and senior living properties.  Then ON TOP OF THAT I was blessed to be contacted by Kim. Kim works for a financial company that has come along to offer me a bridge loan for any financial lack the seniors may have during their residential transition period. These ladies are a 40-year old daughters DREAM TEAM when it comes to heading up her parents Senior Living journey.

They are truly angels, they have been the wind beneath my wings delivering me, each woman to the other in harmonious production. And no, they don’t all know each other. Their initials are


I’m not even pulling the wool or “the hood” over your eyes when I say this: “KKK likes me and I like them back.” I’m quite fond of the services that they provide. They make the “senior golden years journey” go  much smoother than it otherwise would alone. Both Kali and Kathy have said on several occasions “I’m praying for you and your family.” You guys know that’s my lingo! ❤ My triple K team is alright with me.


I’m a real go-getter, self sufficient, I enjoy doing it on my own.
I thought I could patch together most things, by merely being grown.

Boy was I wrong in this case and I indeed needed much help.
And together we conquered great hurdles of debt and less wealth.

Kim was a phone call away. Kim is sweet as honey.
Kim is with ElderLifeFinancial. The folks with bridging money. 😀

Kali is with OUR PARENTS and she makes it her business to be personal and relate.
She listened to me rant on about their situation and how they needed to relocate.

She generated a list and it worked out well for us
then it was Kathy with Heartland Hospice who yielded the most love!

If Kathy didn’t live in Texas, I’d have bypassed the phone chat for a )))HUG(((.
Each of these ladies did more than their fair share and more than enough

for me to map out each step needed to take.
I’m Qui
blessed to receive such goodness from KK and K.


Kathy, Kali and Kim


Humping Happy – Let’s WIN, again

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Funny-happy-wednesday-quote-cartoonSo I’m up thanking God & feeing lifted.
My dad visited for a week & I was reminded of how gifted

I am at caring and multitasking
He hit Az soil & I did for him & his wife w/o asking.

King Joe is what I called him, he keeps him clean brim tilted.
A lot of fun he is. Historic story time – daily? He killed it.

His wife a hoot too. They’ve been together for many years.
Today, their years are golden – I’m hear to help lessen the jeers.

They are my elders, my seniors & yes they do pack heat.
I’m not talking about contraband but are known to “dagger speak.”

You know? Bitter and slighted jabs that they thought was proper conversation.
Ol’ Qui was perfectly equipped with the right words to convey that ‘NO FLEX’ relation.

I was repetitive in reminding them that conversation is where it all starts
And that regardless of their age foul conversation is equivalent to a fart.

It stinks. I then think that they both comprehended and did begin
To share with me their gentler side before their week-long visit end.

Woo! We accomplished a lot during their visit. Family love is the gift that’s giving.
I utilized my good health and energy to upgrade their Senior Living.

Now they’re all set up for that ‘golden love.’ ❤ They are good to go.
I’m up taking a breather, thanking God and kicking it with you – yo.

Good morning Wednesday. I’m happy to Hump thee.
I’m Qui
On this griot 1-2-3. Thanks for stopping by and kicking it with me.
Ooo wee.

Let’s WIN, again.


The Haunting of KE$HA

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This one was good. It came on strong
and Kesha is known for good DANCE music and songs.

It was in my home town that she did have a confession.
She once encountered a spirit or rather spirit encountered Kesha.

I betcha you’d believe that she sought out the haunted spot.
She looked up paranormal activity in Texas and Molly’s B&B was hot.

She requested the room with the most paranormal vibes.
And true enough her silly haunted wishes did come alive.

Her room always felt strange but she thought it was in her head
until she saw the apparition that stood at the foot of her bed.

It was a young girl and she was just looking at K.
She became unseeable once Kesha had looked away.

It was only for a second, she looked away because she couldn’t believe her eyes.
She was sharing a bed with her mom that night – the young’s presence was a surprise.


Kesha stayed up until sunrise. She told and mom and they just moved on.
Kesha sought out Kim’s help because the haunted memory was so strong.

Well as it turns out in old Fort Worth, Texas
there’s more than “the direct approach” that connects us.

The young girl (gone) lived there in the past, sure.
Showing face to Kesha was no resolving cure

for what her life had been.
She was a pre-teen girl and a brothel working kin.

She was dooped into the lifestyle by a nasty man named Wild Bill.
But he was also flinging with the brothel owner and she instructed him to kill.

The young girl was stealing Bill’s heart and the brothel owner didn’t like competition.
So apparently oneday against his hearts feeling, ol’ Wild Bill got to killin.’

So while Kim was laying out the tale she started a little hand to throat hugging,
like she was being choked — then stopped and asked Kesha about “cutting.”

She said, “Were you a cutter? Did you used to cut yourself? What is this that I see?”
Then Kesha’s mom, who was in on the read, raised her hand and said, “it was me.”

Whaaaaaat? Is this read about mom? Kesha was caught off guard.
Mom confirmed when she was younger, for her too, life was hard.

She was depressed a lot and so was the young girl that stood at the foot of Kesha’s bed.
Kim had to correct Kesha from thinking the apparition and other cues have all been in her head.

The visions/sightings have indeed been real and Kesha is a sensitive spirit.
I’m Qui
and Kesha was hardly HAUNTED at all – and she was pretty glad to hear it.

Another case closed.

Twisted Tuesday

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tasmanian-deviMonday was a beast.
When I stress – I eat yeast.

Potato chips in my hand?
I’m on the FIT WAGON – I’m the BAND

but then again, LIFE. She is funny.
But I wouldn’t be attracted to being fat – again, if each pound yielded money.

Is a book I need in my low moments of yummies.

I didn’t eat the full SNACK SIZE bag of chips in the 24-hour day.
I ate a few and walked away. I came back several times during the day.
At the end of 24-hours a half bag of chips did lay.
So, um, I think I did… okay.

That was Monday. It sounds rough but I won in the end.
I handled the weight of several lives with no buckle or bend.

I had to ‘do what I do’ and dammit I did it.
Love by the pounds. When there’s a need, I give it.

I did and it wore me out! I slept like a baby last night.
I woke up this morning refreshed and feeling blessed. What a delight.

How was your rest? Did you destress and what have you got up for the day?
I’m Qui
Feeling like it’s really Friday. My work is shaping up – I want to play.

My beloved Twisted Tuesday:
let’s make #ProductiveHay

Mondays Mental Massage

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joe-qui-whoHow was your EASTER weekend? My father  and his wife are in town so I was able to resurrect my childhood feelings and have daddy buy me an Easter basket. I love those damn chocolate bunnies. 😀  I’m kidding. Dad didn’t buy my an Easter basket, but he did buy us a couple of beers while we quenched the thirst of us having been apart over the last 4-years. He lives in Texas but is visiting me, courting the Arizonan goodness.  I actually learn a lot from him and about him, during our quieter moments — but there’s been so much time lost between us,  we had ‘no quiet moments’ at all over the last week.

It’s been great, though I’m sure he’s ready to go back to Texas by now because I’m a thinker and a conveyor and I have shared MUCH with him to think about in terms of his future and long-term care situation. Dad has cancer and actually arrived on Arizona soil with little hope for tomorrow. After several days of interacting and conquering key major steps that lead to acquiring a quality life — his hope is resurrected. His name is Joe and lucky for us both, he’s soon to relocate to Phoenix. Yippee!!! I’m a happy Daddy’s Girl this morning! I toast my cup of jo to Joe! ❤

Today is a great day for injecting a little bit of empowerment and attending a TED seminar would rank high up there if you’re a consumer of knowledge and forecasts. I am. Bring it on! So today found me web surfing, looking for something GOOD to read, inhale, exhale and talk about, that’s when I ran into a video on 50’s Blog and it showcased Tony Porter. Brief research yielded me little more than inspirational links to Tony Porter, but I did notice a few connective links to SC and the name “Tony Porter”, which is interesting in itself with what happened out there last yearINSPIRATION. Who doesn’t need it? I’ve got Joe, so I’m serving you TONY PORTER via TED:


Mondays Mental Massage is kind of a necessary
Life is real and hits hard like steel; it can be scary.

Nobody was born knowing a thing and all that we know, we have learned.
If we’re the one’s dousing gasoline – are we surprised when we get burned?

Racism is taught and the strongest minds rise above.
A weak mind is bated easily, then fed hate instead of love.

Whats going on in our country’s politics is nothing new to us or them.
This country is soiled with blood from racisms nasty hem.

My mind is awake. My coffee is securely in a mug.
When the heck will we get back to KISSES & HUGS?

I’m Massaging my Mind on this Monday and glad to find Tony Porter,
I’m Qui
Out here #Networking, #Loving and #BeingMe – Thanks for dropping by o’ supporter.

Knock-Knock! Open Up!

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Qui Entertainment Magazine

jesus_christ_open_the_doorDoors shut in our faces via opportunities missed pretty often during a life span, however, I pray that the opening of doors are just as frequent in your life and even more so than the doors that shut. It’s certainly attainable, achievable and conquerable. Believe it or not most of the time all that is required to capitalize on the influx of GOOD available—  is to simply OPEN UP.

When nice comes knocking at your door, don’t answer with a frown, it may get the wrong impression, leave and contemplate (too long) before coming back. When the possibility of new love shows up don’t face it with the same face you said goodbye with (to your last lover). It won’t make for a good impression in any way. Avoid approaching goodness as if you “don’t deserve it” or like it’s “too good to be true.” Why would you think such a thing? Of…

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T isn’t just for Tuesdays

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Qui Entertainment Magazine

Photo Flipbook Slideshow MakerWhen I was in Art School I was religious in having Tea on Tuesdays. I’d go downtown (Dallas) and sip at artsy baristas in the presence of fellow artists, bongo’s, maraca’s and acoustic guitars. All on one accord, one vibe, and on an antioxidant high. I miss Art School.

hough Tea isn’t just for Tuesdays, any day is a good day to detox. So let’s have Tea more often. Shall we?

DID YOU KNOW? Tea has some amazing powers like

It Revs Metabolism
Sipping tea can in crease resting metabolic rate by 10 percent for two hours– enough to burn an extra 90 calories a day without lifting a finger. The credit goes to plant compounds that prevent the breakdown of a hormone (nor-adrenaline0 that triggers thermogenesis. the result: More calorie are burned instead of stored as fat.

It Improves Alertness
The caffeine and L-theanine found in…

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Elevator Music…

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meditation-blk-womanAlright! Spring Break is over. Is everyone back? Are you back?
Did you let your hair down, did you almost go off the track?

Did you go crazy like a white girl? Did you go crazy like you’re black?
As long as you had fun, reaped no regrets and succumb to no lack —

then I’m going to say YOU WON! I’m glad to hear it and welcome back from your fundays.
I’m glad to see thee and to have you read me on this beautiful dawning Monday.

Quick – will be my say, I titled this post ELEVATOR MUSIC.
Because I didn’t DO Spring break – and a break, I could use it.

So when I thought about “a pause,” an elevator tune came to mind and I couldn’t refuse it.
I feel like I need to step in, close the doors and get lost in calm music.

Da-da-da-da-da, da, da-da-da-da-da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da…
Let it feel good. I wanna inhale deep. Exhale a sigh and let calm come nigh.

Da, da, da, da, da, da…
I’m down to try
on this Monday morning.
3am started my lively yawning.

I’m up. I’m up! and it’s 5am.
The Elevator Music is my preferred hymn.

No – I didn’t do Spring Break and no, I’m not taking off this week.
I’m over here researching and content writing as we speak. Life is sweet.

And this Elevator Music is absolutely instrumental is playing its part,
I’m Qui
Good morning to thee, be ‘mind easy’ like me and let nothing hinder your awesome weeks start. red-hearts

St. Patty, me and daddy…

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6th Street in Austin, TX

[Back in the day] St. Patty, me and daddy…
the drink – it almost had me,

but it failed to completely conquer
and I was able to squander

up the courage to keep on (faculty) pushing it.
We walked 6th Street and drunkards were gushing it.

But I kept it in.
I’m a light drinker – I commit no sin.

2 shots in and one in my hand.
I’ve no hair on my chest – I am not a man. 😀

So I felt not the need to down that shot – quick.
My choice to do so – kept me from getting sick.

Though I looked good holding it: the glass and my consumed liquor.
Some of my partying sisters took the dare – what a nightmare… they were ‘never sicker!


Passing out in the street and peeing their pants…
Don’t let that be your St. Patty pending stance.

Have a good time today and if you do raise your glass
remember social media exists then monitor your ass.

Don’t think of drinking and driving. The two should never meet.
Don’t even think of drinking and walking – especially on 6th Street.

I’m not in Texas this year so Austin will have to miss me.
I’m Qui
kicking it in the Southwest – where a green shot glass is sure to kiss me.

St. Patty, me and daddy are feeling great.
I raise my cup of jo to you on this ‘kick-back’ day.

Have fun, hang loose and be safe.
Happy St. Patricks Day!

Humpin HAPPY over here

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q2-25th-bday-qui-44This morning I woke up and I was happy about that.
I had a meeting at 5am that equaled a win and I was happy about that.

Brunch time found me with a latte in hand, sitting on the patio where I now stand.
Mingling in good company with folks that I love. Thanking my stars and my God up above.

I’m Humpin HAPPY over here – I’m so glad to be in good health.
I’llness sought me out, but my vitamin regimen helped to keep me stealth.

I could use a little more physical activity in my life but there just aren’t enough hours in a day.
I’m seeking a route to successfully workout the burning of more cals into my beloved everyday.

Hip! Hip! Hooray! I’m open to dancing and considering going hiking.
My mind is open and my body is hoping the opportunity will yield to its liking.

You see, I’m not an athlete, I’m a writer, a chic with a camera and tripod.
My nails may not be acrylic’d out nor has the gym etched upon my bod. lol!

I’m a pretty active chic – I’m always on the go and hauling equipment with.
I usually show up to film the show, hi-5 and throw in a few cool quips.

I’m the chic enjoying her day for everything that it is and everything that it is not.
I’m Qui
and I’ll be outside for most of the day, because Phoenix is NOT yet hot.

It’s 70 degrees and beautiful – I’m Humpin HAPY over here!
I bid you good energy that you’re going to need for that #WIN that’s near.