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Y & R rarely sours…

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Victor_NewmanVictor Newman’s behavior is becoming something of a dump.
It seems the writers of Y&R are lending him reckless characteristics like Trump.

Victor Newman was always tyrannical and that fact was never hid;
however, as of late Victor has been going completely off the grid.

Pulling a gun on Luca and later instructing Adam to kill him
then in a hospital room he yells at family – for not feeling him.

Are you serious Mr. Newman? Has the time finally come for you to retire?
Whilst it be to “the failure of mob bossing” that you really want to expire?

I know the writers are behind the scene cooking up an ending fit for a sire.
Victor Newman rules all and barns none. Upon his exit — may all feel the fire.

Now I’m not saying that this character is about to kick the can,
I’m just saying are you watching the antics of our beloved matriarch man?

He is out of control – and where is the nerd Natalie storyline going?natalie-the-yr-nerd
I’m watching the writers hands and the seeds that they are sewing.

Small sucklings are growing and the cast is restless still.
Nikki  was in a paupers nightmare on todays fare that was quite a chill.

Nick-NewmanNobody cared about Nikki and Nicholas Newman was married to Lilly.
I knew it was all a dream then. A serious Interracial love on Y&R? That’s silly.

They are not about that script. John Abbott and Aunt Maggy couldn’t pull it.
Writers let the bi-racial couple marry  then their camera time bit the bullet.

Relilly-wintersmember that? So NO. Nick will likely never bed Lilly.
But let’s say it DID happen, the episode would be illy!

People would tune in just to be turned out and it would be the cover of all soap mags!
Future headline:  “Nick’s surely headed for ruins – this WINTER’s the best he’s ever had!”

The divisive folk would be all mad.
Boo!! to the divisive. An intermingling won’t be had.

If you’re wondering if I’ve forgotten about Cane’s light melanined ash?
I have not, but their relationship is a passing gas.


Remember when Phyllis was playing homie-footsies with Shemara Moore’s Malcom?
That wasn’t even a possibility once the dark skinned Darius McCrary joined sum.

darius-mccraryFeeling the freaked out vibes of fair melanin viewers cracked me up.
Darius was let go. His blackness literally did not make the cut. 😀

But I was glad that Y&R had tried.
Here we are today – and Victors shine is fried.

There’s a lot going on in the uncertain storyline of the day,
I’m Qui
wondering if this is the beginning of Victor’s rile and file away?

In which direction is the writers hand leading us in sway?

I’m his girl.

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He taught me a lot of the ins and the outs,
how to take a stance and what to ‘be about.’

He cheered for me many times from the stands.
I remember when my entire hand would fit inside of his hand.

To me, he was the tallest man in the land
until I found out he bore a towering 5’5″ stance. 😀

When my high school beau informed me of this – we laughed.
5’5″ is no jive when it’s being dealt via a parental jab.

I love my dad and this commercial still get’s my vote.
I’m Qui
a Daddy’s girlLoving him BIG TIME is always a GO.

Seems once we get grown we don’t really talk to Daddy no mo!
Gone and call your dad today and make a key sco!

Ride with Me

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The other output_BcxBdGday my girlfriend came up on a sweet deal of used car. She called me, she heralded and I was excited – I was literally screaming on the phone with her like we had just won The Price is Right or like Wayne Brady just kissed us. Anywho, she then invited me on a road trip, a quick overnight/turn around trip — all expenses on her. You know my response was “Yes!” As ROAD TRIP is my middle name.

She then expounded out in detail about her new [used] Volkswagen. I asked if she were aware of their faulty manufacturing issues? She responded that she had heard about that, but thought that was an old issue and resolved. That’s when I said, “Uh-huh. I see. Oh, about that road trip offer…”

I’d love to partake, but not in a Volkswagen please!

I’d much prefer a Cadillac breeze.
I much prefer to enjoy all automatic amenities.
I enjoy smooth travels; riding shotgun with ease.
In one collective piece.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 6.54.41 PM.png

Ford and GM are accelerating on Volkswagen’s faulty manufacturing – indeed
An opportunity to get ahead of the foreign auto maker is all that they need.
Volkswagen on the other hand has yielded a few statements that were less than sound–
When consumers call out for help – they’re still getting the run around.

Consumers – Consumers: Don’t be discouraged in doing your duty,
lest Volkswagen poses a safety risk in your transporting sweet booty.

Keep on with the keeping on and do remember to breathe,
I’m Qui
Hailing SAFETY FIRST if I intend to accept an invite prefaced: Ride with Me.

I’m actually a fan of the old school Volkswagen work –                                                                   I’m hoping they bounce back encompassing more safety and technologies worth!