How to Spot & Remove SPIRIT DRAINERS

In News on March 3, 2016 at 4:56 am

Qui Entertainment Magazine

Are your FRIENDSHIPS good for you?

Let’s talk FRIENDSHIP. Remember that? You were introduced to the idea of “friendship” in daycare and the concept has been with you every since. Some friends are positive keepers and some friends are energy reapers.

Which one are you and how can you change the tide, or at least unplug yourself from the drain gang?

Life Strategist Valorie Burton explains How to Spot and Remove SPIRIT DRAINERS in your circle:
hich friend’s name do you dread seeing pop up on your caller ID? If you’re like many, there’s at least one toxic friendship taking up space in your life. Here’s how one of my clients handled that.

When a woman I’ll call Stephanie mentioned her friend Angela, I could hear the stress in her voice . Angela had used Stephanie as her personal crutch for every crisis– and there was always a crisis. One…

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