In Griot, Music, Networking, News, Self Improvement, Video on March 14, 2016 at 4:52 am

I don’t know what you’ve seen and heard,
but it’s 4:30am and I’m up jamming this! My word:

It’s nothing like waking up and feeling beautiful.
This throwback [looking] vid is purposeful and dutiful.

I found it on Facebook and to the poster – I did not block.
In fact I immediately shared the post of Shavina Peacock.

Her #FIT ways are progressive and ‘don’t stop.’
Then there’s this HOOK that my mind has on lock:


The words! The words! They speak to me.
I think this is the theme hook of Qui.

When I further researched the video that caught my eye on Facebook,
I learned that this joint is tribute to The BLACK PANTHERS look.

I ain’t mad. In fact I’m glad that someone is heralding me pretty.
Diversity needs no rehearse and Division is a real pitty.

Oh well. If you choose to miss out by diss out —
My perfect lips won’t bend to pout.

I’m feeling A-OKAY as I jit up to go.
I’m digging on a dude with a cool afro.

He’s looking after me and I’ve got his back – YO!
It’s Monday morning, I’m done yawning and I’m good to go.

Black is Beautiful and this video inspires me to keep on singing!
I’m Qui
Take time to love, hug and kiss. RUN THE VIDEO AGAIN -it’s sweetening.


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