I love Republicans enough to…

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my-bros-keeperRe-Post this CONFESSION OF A REPUBLICAN video which in it’s birth was a campaign ad for the 1964 Election. The situation was WHO WAS again about THE REPUBLICAN NOMINEE. History showed us how that played out but in case you weren’t one for staying awake in HISTORY CLASS or are just too young to have encountered U.S. HISTORY CLASSES yet, here’s video you can comprehend. It’s not flashy, but it’s quick enough and chalk full of knowledge:

divider blk_south

Well, well on topic, IRRESPONSIBILITYTrump tactics are no mystery.lights-on.jpg
Peep the video if you didn’t know and avoid picking up bad history.

Your country doesn’t need it and your “kicking-out-fit” phase will pass.
Don’t be akin to “voting-in-a-jerk” and he turns and burns your ass.

If he’s not talking policy he’s passing gas.
He’s seeking to be the first but you’ll still be the last.

my-brothers-keeper-kittyAs rich as Trump is, he’s never considered you.
He was on your television – but then the network refused.

He’s now on a national stage pretending to vibe with collars of blue.
Again, when he’s inside of TRUMP TOWERS – he does not consider you.

No Trump steaks are on your table, no big job is calling you in for a hire.
The APPRENTICE show is still running but Trump’s presence is already fired!

There’s no room for him in the reality casted show, still he reaps mad residuals off of.
He’s inciting the uneducated to to act out — they think he is showing them love.

They are UNEDUCATED and Trump is preying upon.
The dome is empty but the damn lights are on.

Please help your neighbor – please help your sisters and brothers.
I’m Qui
Please share the video at the top. Yes – especially with your dad and mother.

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