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The Haunting of KE$HA

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This one was good. It came on strong
and Kesha is known for good DANCE music and songs.

It was in my home town that she did have a confession.
She once encountered a spirit or rather spirit encountered Kesha.

I betcha you’d believe that she sought out the haunted spot.
She looked up paranormal activity in Texas and Molly’s B&B was hot.

She requested the room with the most paranormal vibes.
And true enough her silly haunted wishes did come alive.

Her room always felt strange but she thought it was in her head
until she saw the apparition that stood at the foot of her bed.

It was a young girl and she was just looking at K.
She became unseeable once Kesha had looked away.

It was only for a second, she looked away because she couldn’t believe her eyes.
She was sharing a bed with her mom that night – the young’s presence was a surprise.


Kesha stayed up until sunrise. She told and mom and they just moved on.
Kesha sought out Kim’s help because the haunted memory was so strong.

Well as it turns out in old Fort Worth, Texas
there’s more than “the direct approach” that connects us.

The young girl (gone) lived there in the past, sure.
Showing face to Kesha was no resolving cure

for what her life had been.
She was a pre-teen girl and a brothel working kin.

She was dooped into the lifestyle by a nasty man named Wild Bill.
But he was also flinging with the brothel owner and she instructed him to kill.

The young girl was stealing Bill’s heart and the brothel owner didn’t like competition.
So apparently oneday against his hearts feeling, ol’ Wild Bill got to killin.’

So while Kim was laying out the tale she started a little hand to throat hugging,
like she was being choked — then stopped and asked Kesha about “cutting.”

She said, “Were you a cutter? Did you used to cut yourself? What is this that I see?”
Then Kesha’s mom, who was in on the read, raised her hand and said, “it was me.”

Whaaaaaat? Is this read about mom? Kesha was caught off guard.
Mom confirmed when she was younger, for her too, life was hard.

She was depressed a lot and so was the young girl that stood at the foot of Kesha’s bed.
Kim had to correct Kesha from thinking the apparition and other cues have all been in her head.

The visions/sightings have indeed been real and Kesha is a sensitive spirit.
I’m Qui
and Kesha was hardly HAUNTED at all – and she was pretty glad to hear it.

Another case closed.

Twisted Tuesday

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tasmanian-deviMonday was a beast.
When I stress – I eat yeast.

Potato chips in my hand?
I’m on the FIT WAGON – I’m the BAND

but then again, LIFE. She is funny.
But I wouldn’t be attracted to being fat – again, if each pound yielded money.

Is a book I need in my low moments of yummies.

I didn’t eat the full SNACK SIZE bag of chips in the 24-hour day.
I ate a few and walked away. I came back several times during the day.
At the end of 24-hours a half bag of chips did lay.
So, um, I think I did… okay.

That was Monday. It sounds rough but I won in the end.
I handled the weight of several lives with no buckle or bend.

I had to ‘do what I do’ and dammit I did it.
Love by the pounds. When there’s a need, I give it.

I did and it wore me out! I slept like a baby last night.
I woke up this morning refreshed and feeling blessed. What a delight.

How was your rest? Did you destress and what have you got up for the day?
I’m Qui
Feeling like it’s really Friday. My work is shaping up – I want to play.

My beloved Twisted Tuesday:
let’s make #ProductiveHay