Qui observations are Key

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News, Self Improvement on April 4, 2016 at 7:07 am

house-party.jpgSo after working with K, K and K, I met A, B, B and T.
It was a Friday night house party – I was out being Qui.

It was in the den of a Leo – an Intel employed cat.
His vibe of fam and friends was live – I definitely dug that!

I hugged each exclusive guest and gave everyone dap.
Everyone was dressed for fun though Leo and I had on hats.

Typical dome covering for a cat.
Mine was tan, his was black.


There was bbq ribs, chicken and the most delectable baked beans.
There was “snap-back conversation” about womens figures – a curvy scene.

We displayed GOOD GENES and our offspring ran the floor.
It was a house party – I was the only one who was 40; 😀
the whole night was a score!

I noticed life anew – no mundane bores.
My maternal lion’ess was proud – so I let loose a roar
and told every woman in the room how much I did adore
her entrepreneurial spirit and encouraged her soar!

My sisters…
worth more than BIG diamonds to their misters –
They are putting in the work and showing no blisters.
The goddess of beauty found each one, blessed and kissed her.

My Friday night
included guys in excite.

They ran the pool table
the balance was easy and stable.

I’m a story teller but this is no fable, on Friday night, I made new relation,
I’m Qui
divvying a little 1-2-3 about key players in the den of observation.

It was such a good time I couldn’t help but tell you.
Let today be the same in relate. What in the world will you be up to?


  1. […] Shout-out to BIG LEO! Thanks for stopping by and ruling the spotlight. Big Leo is a distinguished man, an Intel friend whose DNA is reel-nice. […]

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