Get in. I got you…

In Communication, fitness, Griot, Networking, Self Improvement, Video, weightloss on April 9, 2016 at 11:59 am

ride-w-QuiWhat’s up baby, what it do?
Buckle up, lets ride. ‘Gone relax. I got you.

When you need a ride or die chick – you know I’m gone roll thru.
I got jokes for the miles, I’m trying to deliver smiles to the awesome, you.

What it do? What have you got on your mind?
What do you think about cutting a corner for a little  proof shine?

80 proof that is! The first round is on me. Right?
I’m serving up that blue bottle, a double shot of SKYY.

Life is good and the Arizona skies are smiling
on a girl named Qui. I’m out here H A P P Y wilding!

I’m driving Get in. I got you.
Let’s goto the farmers market and get some fruit.

You sip raw juice? Heck – sip it today.
Chase the mundane of over processed products away.

I’m 30lbs down and still holding.
I loss a little more and daddy started roarin.’

I told him, “I’m in control” and I continue to drive.
Sipping raw juice has yielded me a new spin on life

and so it’s swell that I have you riding shotgun.
I’m thrilled to have thee with which to share this fun.

Let’s rack up good memories in a NO LIMIT sum!
NO JUDGMENT is still Rule #1.

Ride with me baby. All I want from you, is for you to look good.
Let’s roll slow through the downtown ’round and straight into the hood.

Where it’s always all good.
Where a good time is easily understood.

It’s the weekend baby, 
I’m an accommodating lady.

I’m in the drivers seat and I’m comfortable too.
Go ‘head, Get in.  I  promise, I got you.

Vroom! Vroom!
I’m Qui
Don’t forget to crank the tunes:

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