May I please leave a BFT?

In Communication, Networking, News, Self Improvement on April 20, 2016 at 6:18 am


Friday afternoon (2pm), my guy & I dined at LoLo’s in Scottsdale
and just like thier venue in Gilbert, the wait service was HELL.

However, the collard greens were swell and I was well fed.
Yes! I always order the catfish, double greens and cornbread.

It’s one of their SOUL FOOD PLATTERS and I absolutely like it very much.
The cook is great but not the staff-of-wait. Hard to leave a TIP of BIG LOVE. 😔

I’m a BFT! A Big FAT Tipper. I love to show off.
I’ve been known to leave double of what the meal cost.

But when service is good I can not refuse.
I want to shower them with appreciation – “a paper woo.”

And I do, but Friday afternoon did not fall in suit.
The last four times I’ve been to LoLo’s the service was boo-boo.

Ooo-ooo twice in Gilbert & twice in Scottsdale.
Mrs. Whites Golden Rule is what it is – a consistent spell.

Mrs. White is LoLo’s grandmother and her establishment is in downtown Phoenix.
LoLo’s has two restaurants that I’ve tried to haunt – their fam is originally from the DFW mix.

I’m from the DFW, Dallas-Fort Worth, (TX) metroplex.
So finding LoLo in Phoenix was a pleasure and I had to connect

I love picking up the check – I love having my water glass refilled.
LoLo’s serves great food but the wait service is a HUGE lack of thrill.

Our waitress was horrible. I don’t know what else to say.
I’m not sure this was an experience I wanted to Yelp away.



So I came here to say it in my own rounded space – to thee:
Somebody please tell LoLo that ol ‘girl Qui is a BFT. Please!!

The wait staff has to eat & God has fashioned me to love to tip.
I’m Qui
Sad about Friday’s $3 thanks, I took the other $17 and dipped. 😉

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