Bullied by the HIGH price of Bad Fashion

In Communication, Griot, News, Self Improvement on May 20, 2016 at 12:01 am

bullied-by-overpriced-ticketsYou know that Qui Entertainment Network is all about #SUPPORT,
so imagine my seeing a FASHION Show Against Bullies — I was a sport.

The tickets were $15/each to the SKYLINE Prep HS event and I bought two of
to convey to the shows organization that I was coming in with MAD LOVE.

I gave the two tickets to one of my staff writers as a treat,
she was to cover the event – her name is CupCakeChique.

And she did cover the event and her review reads like Ether.
The CupCakeChique is known for her sweets blogs of teen life and being a fashionista.

She wrote::

13106487_10154017977520479_1468274835_oLast weekend I attended the (not sure of the real name) Skyline Prep and Arts Academy Fashion show, the tickets were assigned to me, and since I’m a huge fan of fashion & supporting the local arts, so naturally I was ecstatic to go. It took place at Skyline Prep and Arts Academy, which apparently is a charter K-4 school, off of Baseline and 40th, and if you’re from here, that’s not exactly the nicest part of Phoenix.

I mentioned that the tickers were given to me, but tickets were $15 a pop, so I was expecting a bang for my buck, or a bang for whoever’s buck was spent, so my expectations where high. I wish I could take a picture of the ticket, because if you saw how nice the ticket was you’d have high expectations as well, not to throw shade, but I feel as if they…

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