Summers Singe brings in…

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Just call me Sizzlina because I’m in Phoenix and temps are on the rise.
Last Summer was a hot fool, this Summer I have a pool and a swimsuit of a smaller size.

However small my frame the size of my residence grew.
I am a mother of daughters – I birthed 3, alive are 2.

Both are grown and have progressed on – now ages: 25 and 18.
The youngest moved into college last year and I reclaimed my scene.

Diddle Dee – Diddle Dough
It’s just me and my high school beau.

Avos-LR-June2016I literally reclaimed my life, boxed up the old and got a new crib.
I also lost 40 pounds to increase the quality of “my live,” 😀

It was Fall of 2015, all was well and I knew that Summer would come soon.
My two-story home had lots of space to roam and 2 available guest rooms

then in came the BoOM! and life said, “BAM!”
there are 4 folk residing in the house now.

Laugh out loud, cackle —  do whatever you do to cope.
I’m not going to lie, I love it – their company is dope.

I’m literally addicted to the energy that I default bid,
for back in the home are my 18-year old my 25-year old’s kid.

Those 2 guest rooms are unavailable now though my life is filled with hugs.
I’ve heard folks regret their kids coming home, but me… I think I’m in love.

Quo-Pey-RenFest2016The 18-year old’s never a bore, a Cancer at her core, whose appearance stays on shine.
She’s the most awesome social butterfly; the chique , an aristocratic-kind.

My 25-year old is a loner, a woman of her own and is off conquering the world.
I’m the supportive key who said, “Yippee!!!” When she asked me to keep the baby girl.

That was last Winter — we’re in the early throws of “Summers Singe,” now.
I don’t mind the temps rise in my new size and my family girth is this cat’s meow.
Ow! BoOM, BAM and PoW! 😀

So help me God, I’m having a blast.
The toddler has me in the pool thus I’m up off my ass.

I cried when the 18-year old initially left for college – now I’m glad that she’s back.
She always has a story to tell and her ‘fashion game’ has no seam for lack.
You gotta love that!

I’m  “style biting,” looking at her life and griot writing.
I’d be lying if I told you, I was in a pickle — this life is exciting.

I’m up at 4:36 am in the morning hammering out this relative sum
because I know when the 3-year old wakes up at 7, so does the households FUN.

Mmhm and yum-yum! The Summers 120 degree Singe has brought some fire into my life,
I’m Qui
and it feels quite breezy to me. I imagine NOT being in this position would be comparable to ice.

I love this season!


Love yours.

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