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FilmProjector_ReelTapeGood morning! Good morning! How did you sleep last night?
I slept like a baby – the regeneration was out of sight!

I woke up in good health and thinking about you.
I was sensing the world; being aware of her views…

Thinking about #Brexit and the rip that will need healing.
Leaving the EU is something new – the economics will require dealing.

People are confused, not sure and turned around…
Life as you knew it is gone – plummeting quickly is the pound.

Yes sir, CHANGE is going down, careful not to follow Britain into a rut.
Careful not to vote out of “wishful thinking” and get bitten in the butt.

The world is an operating force, there are checks and balances to be met.
Trump is fingering the surface with ignorance and certain people are getting wet.

Wet off of the promise of nothing; No condom (cautious) poking here.
The world is being served a hard and raw shaft – full of overt hate and fear.

It’s a real issue. It’s nothing to scoff or to cough at.
Take it to the streets, educate the minds of the weak and whip them into shape to bat.

It’s almost time to vote – we each have to step up to the plate, hon.
You want to be informed and not side-show charmed to hit a “country stability‘ home run.

Hillary Clinton is not perfect. Oh no!
That’s why this isn’t “The Hillary Clinton Show.”

This is a plea from me to you to pay close attention.
#Brexit is the event that deserves your understanding – thus my mention.

Now without further ado, I’d like to introduce todays REEL PLAYERS to you:
I’ve composed for you some educational and a grammatical/comical view.

Take a gander, stop and pander, you may learn a thing or two.
Now about the first guy… Ooo!

Jesse Williams, Actor/Activist, BET AWARD recipient is my hero:


van-jones-brexitLet’s talk about #BREXIT. What has happen here?  Van Jones explains:

Speak Your Mind:

12961660_490934724430471_380647148955059245_nIn #TheHood it may not always be good but #Wisdom is definitely understood, check out Black Ankwakenings broadcast of  Ms. Love Dorsey as she tackles the topic of socio-conditioned relationship toxicities: /videos/493434087522578/

Love Dorsey speaks her mind and while her accent is southern strong, her wisdom isn’t wrong.  Her accent is kind of entertaining but not as much as the facial expressions on the face of the dude to the left in the next video.  You’ve gotta laugh at history and those Ethopian kings that we revere as, um, what’s the word? The sound of it is kind of silently hilarious – check out Chilli69Palmers response to Andrew Lay’s spelling bee dilema.

And so, there you go! All is not bad, just take your time and spell it out,
I’m Qui
Good morning to thee, let’s make history, share a video and help someone else out.

Who knows — the gesture may save YOUR FUTURE in the end.

  1. […] world is in a silly state, via self-inflicted and voluntary reasons. #Brexit is the first country casuality to be devoured by the #HateWave […]

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