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TannersSoulSo I lost my beloved TANNER on June 3rd, 2016 after a long road trip to and from California – Beverly Hills, in fact. Tanner was a real PERRO DE OCIO (Dog Of Leisure); he was my roll and my road dog for the last 3.5 years (#RescueDog) until a sugar-free gummy bear took him out.


Yes. I do believe a sugar-free gummy bear is the likely culprit that expedited Tanners exit (over a span of 3-weeks time).

I have a 3-year old baby girl/toddler and sugar-free gummy bear fruit snacks had been common in my home for a while. Not anymore. Sugar-free products give little dogs cancer — almost instantaneously. We didn’t allow Tanner to eat table food or gummy bears, however, if the toddler dropped one (and that’s highly likely) and Tanner eyed it before I could get to it,  well….

My heart was broken and has been on the mend every since for a little canine love. Yesterday with urgency, my next door neighbor insisted that we make a run to a couple of animal shelters (Maricopa Animal Care Center and AZ Humane Society) and started eyeing dogs for a possible love connection. I was reluctant on the inside, at first, but with Vicky pushing me and my legs following her –  I went along and… dallas-day1-080116

Good morning pet lovers, meet DALLAS. He is the newest member of my family and I won’t lie to you and say it was easy picking him out. Because it wasn’t. I just couldn’t bring more than one home, so… Dallas was the noisy one in lock-up and while proving that old saying to be true, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease,” I truly picked him because I miss that little dog BIG BOSS noise and the playful joy they render. Yes, Dallas is a chihuahua too, however, while Tanner was nearly 10 years and weighing only 2.5 pounds, Dallas is 3 and weighs 8.4. Dallas is mixed. With what? we don’t know, because he was found wandering. Dallas is likely a stray. I’m pretty sure he’s missed by his previous family. He’s housebroken, yappy, loveable and he get’s along fantastically with my 4-month old mane coon cat, LANDAN.

I’m orignially from the DFW metroplex (Dallas-Fort Worth, TX) and I miss home a little bit. I figured me and the caged wanderer had that in common and that perhaps we could build a home here in Phoenix together. My figuring paid off – I’m in love and I think he loves me back.


So yesterday has passed and today is anew
I’m On to Dallas – bidding Tanner adieu.

Landan is still in the house and yesterday she turned 4-months old,
by the weekend she’ll be “fixed” – I put that on my last cats soul. 😀


Landan & Dallas star in: THE NAP

My last female cat’s name was Kit’Ten and she has since ‘gone on to glory
but not before birthing 20 kittens – this can’t be Landan’s story.

Like I said, she is duly getting her “fix” this week.
As for “Landan vibing with Dallas” – the union is new; seems sweet.

She wants to play even more and he isn’t used to cats.
As different as the two are, they find commonality in “the nap.”

They’re the NEW Garfield & Odi — these two make me laugh.
With these two in my life, my heart’s on “the heal” real fast.

Before we moved On to Dallas, the previous weeks were rough,
I’m Qui
Missing Tanner – OUi! Thank God for #RescueShelters and new love.

We found DALLAS at Maricopa Animal Care Center.
Visit an animal shelter near you and fall in love. After all LOVE is a four-letter word –  Share it with a four-legged friend. ❤

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