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3-major-roller-coasters So I was feeling some kind-of-way last Wednesday,
The kind-of-way that made me want to go out and play.

So I packed my bags to get ghost- alas. Then “Adios!” I did say.
I arrived at Magic Mountain on Friday to roller coaster slay!

And I did.
If FEAR was with me, she was a chick that hid.

I rode hard and for what time alotted, I rode them all.
I approached the front cars without contemplation or stall.

I rode them #LikeABOSS y’all, in 99 degree heat.
I kept my hands up and I had no interests in grounding my feet.

I was ISO of more ENERGY. I was curious to know how it works
and if I needed to — could I use a roller coaster to personal ENERGY twerk?

My energy wave was deep, it was not the kind that I value or keep in stock.
So I counter weighted that energy with g-forces and I’ll be ding-dong! It stopped.

The energy wave –that is. The energy that I did not want.
I left it at Six Flags to roller coast haunt.

I couldn’t believe it worked. I used energy to counter balance the same.
The roller coasters that helped me – I’d like to list them by name:


The Viper
The Riddler
The Green Hornet

I also road THE NINJA; the line was impressively long.
I put fear aside and got in line to ride strong.

Here’s a video review I made. Watch it if bravity is in ya!
The name of this ride was (la sleeper aka) THE NINJA:



The ENERGY experiment worked so well that I bought a season pass!
I’m Qui
good morning to thee – if energy is not good let go like gas.

I did and I had a blast!

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