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Just the other day I shared with you a page from a few comic pages and I mentioned one that might need revisiting, since I never saw its original print and in fact, I had just met this vintaged gem-of-a-reprint shortly before I posted the scene excerpt for you last week.

The comic print was a SUPERMAN’s GIRL FRIEND comic and it was dated only by the month of November. The price was right at just .15 a copy. Yeah! Anywho, I thought I’d re-post the pages of the comic that I found online via Ira Madison III’s BUZZ FEED column. If you like color commentation on the side, you’ll love his play-by-play of things.

Without further adieu I present to you:


Tell me what you think. Stereotype much? 🙂
I’m hoping this was satire and not a pitch to ‘get some love.’

Lois Lane went Black to get the experience in the round
hoping that it would yield her a Pulitzer Prize crown.

I ain’t mad at her, but where’s that damn machine
that transferred her hair from bone straight to curled with afro sheen?

Ha! There’s the money maker, right there!
It could save me mad time in transforming my hair. 😀

But then there’s that little issue of ‘the rat‘ in that Black ladies home.
I cannot relate to the likes in my own clean and pest free home.

I call that “a dig,” a stereotype feed.
I was surprised there wasn’t a scene with smoking weed.

Even still, I am not mad
but wondered why the last scene showed the black man ‘glad?

Why was bruh’ man losing blood anyway?
I’d be willing to bet my reprint may be missing a page.

Or so, I hope.
I’m just trying to get the full scope.

What did you think? Have you seen the film BLACK LIKE ME?
Now there’s a white-to-black tale that you’ve gotta see.

Then there’s that old flick THE WATERMELON MAN,
where life dealt a random white guy the life of a black man.

Lois Lane was hardly alone in that zone of “curious Black stance.”
I’m Qui
Remember, I’m the kid that thought I was white – from the palms of my hand.

I was born into Blackness – Lois and the others put on an act.
Imitation is a form of compliment. I will take it and leave it at that. 😉

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