“After Dak & Dem Boys…”

In Griot, Self Improvement, Sports on October 11, 2016 at 5:56 am

qui-dlalas-hatsTuesday came quick
Like a schtick holding an Acme brick

Looking for a window.
All weekend long I was unavail, on the ‘to and fro,’

So the Schtick missed me –
Then goodness located and kissed me.

I came up on a ticket to a ballers avion.
It was Cinci vs The Cowboys at AT&T stadium.

‘Too happy to attend, I decked myself out in the proper wear;
I was blue and silvered down and not a hater voiced a care.

Unlike when I’m in Chandler, AZ — absolutely no one in the dome stared.
In Arlington, TX loving DEM BOYS via fashion – is aways fair!

I was enveloped in love and that comradely protection.
I was high as a kite in the #NoseBleed section. 😜


The jumbo tron was my friend and Ezekial Elliot was on flight.
I held the armrests of my seat – I had to warm up to “the height.”
But after a couple of touchdowns everything was alright.

The “No-No” — was a chant about Romo and shoot
I believe they were saying “Where’s Romo?
Romo WHO!”

But then again I sat on The Bengals side so that I could view the Cowboys bench.
Other than the Romo chant – they kicked Bengal cats and took a Sunday win.

It was ☝🏾️a good time had ☝🏾with good people in tow
Still I couldn’t wait to get back to you, yo!

How are you? How’ve you been?
Did you bet on a game? Did you take home a win?

Did you Fantasy Football participate? I know the competition is hot.
Was Zeke Elliot on your team – did his numbers hit your spot?

A good time in the DFW is what I got for a couple of hours of transport by air,
I’m Qui
Happy Tuesday to thee I’ve got renewed energy in my hair.



It felt great!

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