Embrace the point

In Communication, Griot, News on December 21, 2016 at 5:57 am

the5whysFeeling good, I did both – turn in and wake up happy.
Like Bey said, “I woke up like this,” – complete with hair: nappy,
and I’m happy y’all.
I sashayed to the bathroom and danced in the hall
the moment my feet touched the floor.
Today is a new day and I am poised to score.

I woke up today thinking about you.
Some of the things folks say behind your back – can’t be true. 😀
I’m sweet on you and so is your mother,
how’s your family, your kids, your sister, your brother?

It’s Hump Day baby and I’m conversation surfing.
I’m up early feeling girly and deep griot wording.

If you’re into morning nookie – I can do a little twerking,
but you’ll have to make it quick I have to leave by six –
I’m a woman about my business, I love flirting before working.

It’s surely morning and I’m feeling good.
Daddy’s up like I knew he could.

We stayed up pretty late, and him – later still.
He woke up to breakfast in bed because I keep it real.


Are you into Layers? Artist 1010 has got you covered. Click the image to visit his studio.

I’m happy today and I’ve missed you over the last two days.
Are you digging this weather? Are you out to layer slay?

Me? I’m in the A-Z and I’m layering sleeveless shirts.
I arm a sweater, the shoes of a go-getter and reasonably tailored skirts.

Arizona winters deserve all of “the hypes” worth.
Beyond reason I push many winter short skirts.

It’s morning again. Thank God we can all say as much.
Some aren’t reading this – some didn’t wake up.

Some aren’t living ‘as happy’ because of menial circumstance.
Those are the one’s who know life – but lack understanding ‘the dance.’

The details don’t matter; don’t withhold your happiness just because
you are pissed off at being dissed off by someone you dearly love.

Nothing is worth squandering love – no trivial score should thrive.
Love is actually the cure to all; nourish it for your personal survive.

Well, it’s 5 minutes after 5am and I truly am feeling good at onset,
I’m Qui
Humping Happy, waking up, hair nappy – ready to embrace this point of: YES .

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