Literally Giddy!

In News on December 26, 2016 at 11:29 am

snoopy-dancingJust when I thought “they” weren’t checking for my fashion because I’ve been on the GOODWILL and Thrift Shop stroll — an outbreak of “Whatcha’ wearing today” broke out in my household and place of businesses. Yes, my place of business is plural because I have 3 jobs and No! I’m not Jamaican. 🙂 Get it? If you don’t ‘get it’ you deserve a vacation and I suggest Jamaica. Your taxi driver may also be your door man, the hotel manager and concierge.  You’ll have no problem remembering staff names and because he wears so many hats the tips are directly streamlined.

‘Nothing wrong with #DoingItAll. I’m actually enjoying my tri-employment, for it has allowed me to stretch my spending dollar. Now with me taking a full class load this fall, I feel the need to be honest and tell you that I’ve alread put my 2-week notice…

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