What I KNOW about SHEETS

In Communication, Griot on January 8, 2017 at 5:15 am

output_upttm1Sheets come in the form of rain, hail, sleet and snow – on any given day.
They are formed in percale by the hundreds on which we decently lay.

It’s formed from wood and called paper – onto which we read and write.
Making it rain means dropping sheets of dollars, (a professional strippers excite),
and a big ballers delight.

Sheets are everywhere all of the time and just in case you didn’t know,
If you cut two holes in the center of a sheet and put it on your head – you’ll be a ghost.

Sheets can be darn useful as well as being quite giving,
You can tie a few together to escape fire in a 3-story building.

I’m not a sheet expert but I claim to know a little
If you’ve got a down comforter and set of mattresses the sheets go in the middle.

I’m just digging on you while I lay in the sheets.
I exceeded all deadlines before  the end of the week.

I revel in this moment and I’m feeling kind of sweet.
Before next week comes into play – I will relax and just be.

I do love sheets so allow me to rain reflections upon the thee:
The good that you’re comprised of is the God in you that I see.
Ooo wee!

Good morning sweetheart, I’m digging you by degrees,
I’m Qui
About to attack a short stack after I pour syrup by the sheets.

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