A Strike to The Gut

In Comedy, Communication, Griot, Networking on January 11, 2017 at 6:01 am

fist-2-gutSomebody stole my toy chihuahua/mut.
That’s A Strike to The Gut!

Strutting through a crowded party when someone grabs my breast and butt.
A small man palmed my arse and a tall woman grabbed my — That’s A Strike to The Gut!
What the what-what?

I lost my iphone on the way home from partying and such,
FindMyIphone located it at a major intersection — that’s A Strike to The Gut!
It was all run over and beat up.

I love a sharp pair of shoes, but should they get roughed up
because YOUR DATE stepped on them? That’s A Strike to The Gut!
Nothing a little Oxy Wash can’t clean up. 😀

Strikes happen all of the time – to the gut and in the creative produce.fist
I keep my abs toned; touting PUNCH HERE and watch me juice!
Ooo Ooo!!

To try me brings me joy.
I giggle every time – like that Pillsbury Dough boy.

Ahoy matey! I am that lady who is happily atop of this hump.
I’m Qui
Inhaling this sweet literal breeze and exhaling dramatic skunk!
My scripted mounds are high and round like a perfect ba-donka-dunk!



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