A Few HOW TO’s

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things-matter-control.pngHOW TO Be H a p p y.

I can’t speak on a thing, if I don’t know it.
Kinfolk, I know “THIS.” I’m living it and strides show it.

If It’s broken, I likely broke it. 😀
Every time crisis arises – I choke it.

If it’s unnecessary, I’ll uproot it myself.
I’m interested in the productive moves and creating wealth.

“If it don’t make dollars then it don’t make sense.”
Read a book or two to forgo being shallow or dense.

Like yourself, first and embrace your hair: be it silky or nappy.
Love you, first and quench your own thirst – broach the road to H a p p y.

Start at the root of it all. What do you have to offer the world?
If you consume something bad: food or info — I suggest a good earl.

Bad food will make you sick and fishy situations will make you feel crappy.
Caveat the company you keep, watch the leaks and focus on H a p p y.

You can do it! If you break it — screw it! It may be necessary, so do it quick!
I’d rather see you happy and comfy in life than popular and sick.

And this is how I do it. I purge often and keep my loads light.
You deserve happiness in all the you do by day and by night.

Go for it.
Everyday you wake up is a day to #ScoreIt.


HOW TO Be E f f i c i e n t.

cant-pour-from-empty-glass.jpgFirst of all efficiency is privvy to those with knowledge of the ins and the outs
so if you want to be efficient, there’s quite a bit you need to know about.

I am a thespian and one of the best when I do it.
I learn everybody’s lines – I’m known for rescuing LIVE #ScrewITs.

It’s what I do: harbor efficiency for maximum benefit.
There’s tangible LIVE PRODUCTION Insurance – if I’m in it.

Learn your lifes script and the players in action
Learn the rules, the fools and the laws and the factions.

Plan each move well ahead of your counter.
Know your obstacle well, before you mount her.

By preparing in advance and knowing the ropes – makes all of the difference.
And THIS, dear kinfolk, will yield you more E f f i c i e n t.

Everyone knows that “the game is to be sold and not told.”
Please know (in griot format), I have spit-out for you pure gold.
Kinfolk: Partake & Behold.


HOW TO Get A M a t e

Be willing to give even more for what you want.
Nothing comes easy if you seek a good mate to flaunt.

Work on yourself, pray for wisdom and be more flexible.
Can’t do it – completely work through it? Be more responsible.

Elizabeth Taylor married much. She was quite the charming mate nailer.
I suggest you do something different because you are not Elizabeth Taylor.

When you commit, stick to it.
It ain’t easy at all. Work through it.

And that’s just on #Dating.
Doing IT much may be required for the right mating.

That’s okay – too. Take your time and be real with yourself.
Oh and it wouldn’t hurt if you chose someone who saves well (fancies wealth)

and good health.  All are good assets and you will need them tomorrow.
Ignore signs to save well  or take care and your future WILL bear sorrow.

Get a Mate that suits you inside and out – even when it doesn’t feel like it.
You’re the quarterback in all that you lack get your eye on ball and yell “hike it!”

Everytime the ball is in your court
Make PEACE #ShowFace and chart a #Score.

After executing a few complete runs of this route
You’ll be facing marriage — Tis’ what dating is all about.

There’s no time to just get bedded.
If you love ’em (over time), go ‘head and get wedded.


HOW TO Close a W r i t e:

It’s  quite simple for a griot gal, like me,
I’m Qui
doling A Few HOW TO’s of The Social 1-2-3’s.
Ooo OUI!!

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