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Laugh Lines

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Life can be serious and often, not so kind,
so when I can, I gracefully yield to making new Laugh Lines:

Two elderly women were out for a Sunday drive in a large car and both could barely see over the dashboard. As they were cruising along, they came to an intersection. The stoplight was red but they just went on through. The woman in the passenger seat thought to herself “I must be losing it, I could have sworn we just went through a red light”. After a few more minutes they came to another intersection and the light was red again, and again they went right through. This time the woman in the passenger seat was almost sure that the light had been red but was really concerned that she was losing it. She was getting nervous and decided to pay very close attention to the road and the next intersection to see what was going on. At the next intersection, sure enough, the light was definitely red and they went right through, and she turned to the other woman and said, “Mildred! Did you know we just ran through three red lights in a row? You could have killed us!” Mildred turned to her and said “Oh, am I driving?”



Flying like Harrison Ford
harrison-fordAn airplane pilot had had a particularly difficult flight and a rough landing. The airline had a policy which required the first officer to stand at the door while the passengers exited, smile and give them a “Thanks for riding Royal Airlines.” But, in light of his bad landing, the pilot had a hard time looking the passengers in the eye, thinking that someone would have a smart comment. Finally, everyone had gotten off except for this little old lady walking with a cane. She said, “Sonny, mind if I ask you a question?” “Why no, Ma’am,” replied the pilot,” “what is it?” The little old lady said, “Did we land or were we shot down?” 🙂
divider blk_south

Never mind satellite news today – tomorrow it will ramp up more.
For now, dowse out “suspicion” with this next J/K score:

no-firesA lady was complaining to her husband about remodeling her kitchen. “You have been telling me you were going to get me new cabinets for ten years!” said the wife. “They are a luxury and the ones we have are fine.” the husband replied. The next day the wife goes to visit her mother for two weeks. When she returns she is overjoyed to see a brand new kitchen waiting for her. She was so thrilled that every night when the husband got home she would have his favorite meal on the table and after dinner she would rub his feet as he read the paper in the recliner. A couple of weeks later a neighbor came by for a visit. After admiring the new cabinets she says, “All of us were so glad that the fire your husband had while you were gone was confined to the Kitchen.”

The last joke has so many “issues with it,” that I don’t know where to begin…crazy-smileyface
Let’s just say I’m glad the husband scored and no other square footage was singed.


Aw. It’s okay to laugh every now and again… actually, as much as you can, Boo.
I’m Qui
Hello to thee:

Waking Up to Timothy Snyder

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waking-up-is-keyI’ve been with my guy for more than two decades, (since high school), so waking up to Timothy Snyder was something new to me. Good thing my guy isn’t the jealous type, because Timothy has a book that has caught my attention and demands ‘curl-up-in-the-bed’ time, so I’ve been ‘curled-up.’

How did I meet Timothy? Bill Maher introduced me to him last Friday night (I’m quick! 🤗) – he was a panel guest. Did you see the show? It was enlightening and heavy all at the same time. And by “heavy” I mean in yielding brain lobe capacity. You know THAT works for me. Oui! Meet Timothy:


I met Timothy on REAL TIME with Bill Maher on Friday
He was discussing historical tyranny; education always equals a high day.

I kept the channel locked. Here is where I wanted to play,
it was pretty good stuff. Here’s a 5-min vid of Tim’s informative say:

Heyyyy! That’s whats up. Did you get that?
Aw, you know me. I’m a knowledge hungry she,
and yes — I definitely dug that.

It was so good, so proven and so deep…
I think I’ll transcribe the conversation for “readers on ‘the creep.'”

But that will take a little bit of time.
Peep YouTube – now, before they kill the line.

Me? On this Wednesday morning, I’m feeling fine.
I’ve got a few hours pending before tackling my grind.

I’m hitting you up, because you’ve been on my mind.
Good morning baby. I’m on my lobe-lift grind.

The day is early and knowledge is a good serve anytime!
I’m Qui
Good morning to thee, I’m content with spooning this book of mine.

I’m imploring you to expand your mind and to read a book today
Protect yourself, health and wealth from the tyrannical methods of yesterday!
DO Be wary of it creeping up again; Resist “the tyranny sway.”


Next thing you know… it’s Sentencing time

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Steps to healing the loss of Frances Johnston

Frances Johnston is the neighbor that I will never forget, she’s also the neighbor that I never met. On January 15, 2015 while sitting upright in my bed watching a show called RESURRECTION I heard a ‘thud’ in my backyard. My backyard at the time backed up to a major street, Dobson Road and on the other side of the street is the semiconductor giant Intel. The nights in the Ocotillo Lake subdivision were usually exceptionally pleasant and quiet for me until Thursday night, that’s when Wanda House hit and killed Frances Johnson as she walked in the bike lane one evening around 8:30-9pm. Read the story here.  I was jarred that evening by what I thought was a thud or a gutted breath sound. Investigating the situation further I went outside and saw 911 responders tending to a body in the bike lane. They worked on the body as they passed me and my neighbors and put the body into the rear of the ambulance. That body was Frances Johnston’s.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 10.12.07 PMI had the pleasure of meeting Sarah Stewart, Frances’ sister, online. She contacted me on Facebook, not too long after the incident to inquire of any additional information that I might be able to share with her; she was doing her own investigation and rightfully so. Other than my published blogged recollections, I had none. Sarah was relentless in staying on top of her sisters case and not long after  she forwarded me information on the hit and run suspect who was being charged with her sisters death. The woman that was driving that Thursday night in the bike lane was Wanda House. I encouraged Sarah to be strong and to keep me in the loop of this case.

Sarah would remain connected to me via Facebook. I used to frequent Facebook daily and her efforts invoked me to produce a story update when the hit and run suspect was arrested. Sarah sent me a cell phone snapshot of the suspect: Wanda House. I titled the piece “Next thing you know… There’s Closure,” when in fact, this case was just getting started. There was surely a trial coming and more sustained pains for the family. I knew Sarah would keep me in the loop via Facebook when the time came. Unfortunately our Facebook connection ended about a year ago when my career schedule picked up. I found myself knee deep in script copy writes, shoot dates and edits that I had very little time to socialize on the book of faces — like I used to.

This morning I woke up to check my morning blog administration notes and saw that the archived write-up on Frances’ hit and run had been accessed. It made me think of Frances, so I began to Google information to bring me current on her case and you wouldn’t believe I found.

4 This just in

Shooting in Arizona - Jan. 8, 2011

The Sentencing…

I found an article dated for yesterday 3/27/17 — Wanda House was sentenced to 3-years in prison and 3-years probation. It’s not clear if she will lose her real estate license or whether she’ll be able to reclaim it in the future.

Sarah Stewart and Frances McMillian (Frances Johnston’s daughter) will still be missing their loved one. Their sentence is for life.

My heart and prayers go out to Frances’ family. Every now and again when I visit the Ocotillo Intel plant I am sure to wave at Fran’s memorial that is so lovingly cared for at S. Dobson Road and Canyon Way. I didn’t know Fran personally, but she totally touched my life. The memory of her will always be ‘in my backyard.’ I won’t be forgetting Frances anytime soon nor will I forget Sarah. I’m certain Sarah was willing me the vibe to research and reveal todays judicial resolve.

Life is short. Love is forever.
Get busy doing it!

blue_diamond dividerFrances was just walking one night, trying to remain fit
When Wanda, leaving the bar, drifted in the bike lane and did hit

something with her car, though she didn’t know WHAT it could be
so she pulled over, got out and concluded there was nothing there to see.

She continued on her route home, likely still operating under a bar buzz phase
and didn’t realize the fatal harm that she caused until seeing the news the next day.

She went into a fit and her family members felt the need to call the police and a doctor.
Wanda was no doubt beside herself with grief and nothing could stop her.

Coppers showed up to “cop” her and started an investigation into Frances’ exit jeers.
She died in January 2015 via the bike lane scene now Wanda’s sentenced to 3-years.

3-years? Is that all that a 47-year old life is worth these days?
I realize Sarah Stewart and her family remain in the mourning phase.

I no longer reside in Ocotillo Lakes, and have taken away some pretty found memories,
though they do not overshadow the love of Frances Johnston by her beloved family.

I feel it.
And of the wound, I pray time will heal it.

One minute you’re alive, going for a walk to think on ‘thangs,
next thing you know your introspection leads you into the bike lane…

Next thing we learn is that in Arizona it is against the law to walk in the bike lane,
but there were no sidewalks along that side of the road nor signs to inform the same.

There was indeed a sidewalk on the opposite side of the street
at the same block where Wanda and Frances did meet
therefore Wanda will only reap

3-years jail time plus the same in probation
Still it won’t erase the Johnston’s pain. No comparable relation.

I’m glad justice did not forget Frances and that her case did come to light
I’m Qui
God bless
Sarah and Frances daughter. I pray healing in their family’s life.

It’s a New Day

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Yes! Yes! Good morning baby.
I’m that energetic UP EARLY lady.

I awoke at dusky and quiet 4am
when most were asleep and little (visual) mayhem.

Glad, I am, for this New Day,
a new griot spill, wit-willed informative say.

It’s Monday, it’s Monday and I’m back at it again.
I’ll shoot the landscape with my reel sharp friends.

I’ll edit a bit, with my eye-detailed tech crew
and on every free moment, I’ll check in with you.


Me, You, Monday and the crew…

What have you got up for today?
The weekend has come and gone away.

It was fun. Did you go outside and play?
Monday is at the door with an opportunistic score,
Are you ready for another funday?

I’m up for it and I want it all.
Love is in the air and I want to take the fall.

I’ll take it to the back – like the NESTEA Plunge.
Mondays for me are fuel for “GIDDY!” I’m up to reap some!

The first thing I heard this morning inside of my monologue head space
was Pharrell’s voice from The Clipse video: “It’s a New Day!

I rose quickly and found the video to display!
Nothing could be more befitting for Monday.

Indeed, It’s a New Day and I’m so glad to be in it,
I’m Qui
Good morning fam, let me echo “Hot Damn!,” let’s go out and win it!

It feels good

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Reverse Care…

Remember that I moved Dad in a few weeks ago?
Well the speed at which I operate has amp’d up, yo!

I’ll  tell you something that  I did not know —
all of my dramatic talent came from ‘The DAD GENE Show.’

He’s a hee-haw and a ho-ho-ho! I haven’t had a break.
I’m the parent, he’s the kid – I’m on the give, he’s on the take.

For goodness sake, I am indeed a “Daddy’s girl.”
And I don’t want to imagine a day when he’s not in my world,

though he is getting older.
His “golden days” are propped up on my shoulder.

Arizona is quite warm this time of year, no longer is he colder.
Dad’s clarity of mind is fading  though his personality is bolder.

Yes, honey. He has the withall to yell “Quiet! I got this.”
Then order me off to make cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate.

He’s now, the oldest and the youngest.
I laugh a lot because he’s the funnest.

If I didn’t laugh at some of lifes revelations – I just might cry.
No need for tears, Dad is reason for cheer — the golder years of life.

I’m glad I decided to move him to this dust and sun-driven hood.
Sure, Dad’s a major handful but It sure feels good

aging-parents-forgetfulnessTo have him in the metroplex, to be there to make him smile.
To confir that he may be getting older and that I’m here to assist with the mile.

It’s a way of living, a lifestyle – that we choose to do for others
who aren’t just our kids and pets or our chosen and beloved lovers.

It’s not “a given” that we’d default care for our sisters and brothers.
Nor do we live in a society that demands elderly care of our father and mothers.

I’m so very glad that Obama Care was not nixed.
My father was about to get in line. My father is sick.

My father is a USAF veteran, but VA care is not enough.
He wanted to file for Obama Care, but heard it would be rough.

While my fathers income is insufficient to be considered “baller status,”
It eludes being sufficient for good care. Red lights were thrown at us.

He couldn’t afford this and couldn’t afford that…
He’s grown short patiented and easy to make mad.

dont-forget-the-USAF-vetsI’m the flip side of his coin and I’m not so easily moved.
I’m always up to change the low altitude of any hero’s mood.

I’m patient with my Dad to make all understood…
Dad is sound is and usually quick to come around
Woop-woop! and It feels good! 🙂

I like the feeling of today and I’m looking forward to tomorrow in various hoods,
I’m Qui
Good morning to thee, come and sip coffee with me, I’m up early and It Feels Good.

These T’s

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T is for Tea. Be it brewed, steeped or spilled.
T is for Testimony like those coming forth on ‘the hill.’

T is for Thursday and today is such a day.
T is for Trashing Paul Manaforts role away.

T is for Talking. Y’all know I like to do it.
But if you tell me “what to say,” I’m likely to say “screw it.”

I don’t like talking points as much as I like researching and finding my own.
T is for Trust.  No lies leading to a crux – if we are to stand united and strong.

T is for “your T-jones.” Doesn’t she use the ACA?
T is for Today. There’s a vote to repeal it away.

These T’s can really weigh in. In fact, they can be quite heavy.
T is for Tired. Like the GOP bill to repeal… I hear, ” it isn’t ready.”

A bad piece of legislation” is a surmise of the replacement review.
T is for the Troubles that the poor and the elderly will go through.

T is for Think. I hope Congress members do a bit of it and forgo “the choke.”
T is for Toast – to the Team of House rep’s who’ll conclude with a NO.

T is for This piece. I brewed it for Griot spill.
I’m Qui
and These T’s got it on lock down. Pick and choose — for real.

Happy Thursday baby!

That girl lies when the truth would sound better…

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Woman lying on a sofa looking sick

Is “that girl” still “LYING” around?

This morning on MORNING JOE, Joe said that when he was younger that his sister had a friend that would come over. Of that friend his mom would say to his sister, That girl can not come back over. “She lies when the truth would sound better.” 🤣

The moral of the story was… for the Trump Administration.


Did you watch James Comey in the wiretapping hearing yesterday?
James came to spill tea. He did not come to play.

It was gripping TV. I was glued to the tube.
I was deep in writing though this seemed more exciting –
So I stopped to cop the “dramatic fuel.”

The intelligence committee holding the hearing, ruled!
They were wise, enlightened and was not up for being fooled.

It was deep and intricate and the details were ON FIRE.
Comey and the NSA Director were birds on a wire.

The NSA Director did indeed share the direct spotlight,
But James Comey brought the juiciest details to light.

Fam, it was alright! I watched from 8am to 12:30.
I only walked away because LUNCH was flirty.

I was ‘starving like Marvin‘ at the lunch blocks latter
And enjoyed eating among associates who politics chatter.

They broke it down for me MORE – in historical reference.
Seems a lot that’s going on is treason’y and setting quick precedence.

Where’s our governing sense? How’s your health today?
I hope that you’re well before all goes to hell –
They’ll vote to repeal healthcare on Thursday.

About the media, the administration, their lack of relation and weakened tries,
I’m Qui
Laughing at Morning Joe’s reference to ‘the girl that lies.’

Is she incapable of telling the truth?

Good Morning Monday

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march2017-maroon-quiMmmm. Good Morning Monday! How are you doing today?
Sure I’ve got a bit of work, but we’ll find time to play.

The weekend was long, it made me strong; I covered quite a few miles.
Today comes with ease and a warm breeze. Today I’ll focus on “the smile.”

Come sit with me a while.  I am taking it easy indeed.
I’ve got family, love and favor from the Man above… it feels good to be Qui.

Ooo wee, and then there’s “thee.” I did miss you so.
Tell me whatcha been up to, the destinations of your to and fro.

How’s life treating you today and what have you got planned for tomorrow?
I’m brimming with sunshine, and drunk off life, like it’s wine –
If need be, I’ve got energy you can borrow.

Hey-ey! Good Morning Monday. I had missed you baby,
I’mQui Signature Logo
out here in these Phoenix streets. Holla’ back at your Griot lady.

Spring is in the air and I like it a lot.
While the East Coast gets the most snow
Phoenix keeps it hot.

Todays high is


No Week End here

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no-weekend.jpgThere’s No Week End here, by any measure.
To work at being strong is absolutely my pleasure.

The last book that I read was a biography and it was depth-rich and information sweet.
It was on Michelle Obama, her family, her Moma…and it added strength to me.

That was Friday.
I woke up to the read; a high day.

The read set off a chain of reactions and awoke desires of stifled fires that I’d forgotten about.
So for the last 3-days I’ve been on “the creative raise” knocking incompleted work out!

There was so much to do sitting on the back burner.
What I didn’t know I read up on- I’m a real quick learner!

And so the Week has had No End for me and I remain merry.
Amidst the upload of good to my soul we lost Chuck Berry.

But don’t worry, before completing the dash ” – ” he made a fine mark.
He rolled right in and rocked folks in and out of sin, still all who knew him ‘fell for’ his heart.

He obviously lived a tad bit smart. If you question – bless your hiney.
Chuck was born in 1926 and crossed over at age 90.

Eventually the human body gets weak, gravity is a “hold-you-down” kin.
Still I rise like Maya Angelou and the skies;  I’ve yielded No Week End.

Today is a new day and per my usual, I started the day in meditation.
I hope you did what you know to do to keep mental clarity in your relation.

GOT TO —  and as often as possible these days.
Days that I forgo “the meditate” I still kneel to pray.


It helps me to feel A-Ok. Never mind prescription anxiety meds,
I’m Qui
Affirming that RULE 1 of No Week End is to always Keep your mind fed!!!

So what was the last book about that you read?


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silverliningIt’s THURSDAY, Again and Hump Day has passed,
believe it or not, I’m still rejuvy’ing my ass

from the last two weeks. Did I tell you of my latest life spin?
I went to Texas a few weeks back, returned to A-Z and moved my Dad in.

Had you heard?
Yes child, this is WORD.

He’s no happy camper, but what was I to do?
He was sick and wearing thin – I couldn’t sleep not knowing the truth.

Did he have enough to eat? Was the water, lights and gas on?
Thousands of miles away, I couldn’t sleep comfy – in my comfy home.

Not coping, thinking my dad was all alone. What happened to senior quality?
He’s a USAF Vet, seems like “appreciation” did forget,
so I brought him home with me.

He’s no happy camper, but what was I to do?
HumpDay seemed like our steady for while –
Thank God Thursday has come through.


Therein the GOLDEN YEARS…

Dad’s doing better health wise
but surroundings aren’t familiar and he’s missing his wife.

My stepmother remains in Texas with her son; he’d have missed her the most.
Dad understands this and carries love for his Ms. – but is pretty lonely. You know?

Getting old looks like it can suck. You can never tell where the cards may lie.
Yesterday Dad was a vibrant stag and he rode life pretty hard and up high.

Today, he is a frail man, with a big heart and bigger voice
Who isn’t shy in telling me ‘Arizona wouldn’t be his first choice…’ 😀

I’ve been in Arizona with no neighboring DNA going on 6 years –
so it’s good to have family in town. The cheers outweigh the jeers.

It’s THURSDAY Again fam, and I’m deep into revealing the silver lining,
I’m Qui
and there’s gold in compassion and caring. I’m simply “Paying It Forward” — doing the mining.

How’s your today, how are you spending your time?
No time for mudane moping – peep the silver line.

I’ve found it and I’m making it mine.