Thursday Word Say

In Communication, Griot, Networking, Self Improvement on October 5, 2017 at 8:37 am

Alas! Today is THURSDAY
and my word, I will say

I have enjoyed every single conversation leading up to this.
My days are fulfilled, I’m nourished so well that it feels like bliss!

Oh but it is real.
I’ve been inhaling that good stuff that you can feel:

Much beyond my enrolling in college. 🤗

The good-head that I’ve been inhaling as of late
Has come from intellectual transits that ended up in my space.

Yay! Yesterday I had every intention of writing to you
when an “in home expert” dropped by with a “You-Who.”

He was from AT&T and was all of just 28 years old,
he came with the 411, the game – laid out and I was sold.

It’s a long story gone write, he was here all day with me.
He’s an MVP – he sweetened the delivery of my DirecTV.

Selfish me.
Wednesday was a Oui!

And so today is Thursday and I am happy indeed.
I’ll be out encouraging folk; love is my sewing seed.

My morning meditation is done, God is good and I’m ready to go.
I’m Qui
About doing me and ever so happy to be a reflection of your best glow.

Let good energy be your trigger to GO.


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