What’s That In Your Mouth

In Communication, Griot, News on January 5, 2018 at 4:43 am


What’s that in your mouth? Is it a word, cheer or loom?
What exactly is that in your mouth as it pertains to food?

We should all care – now, more than ever.
I found this handy FDA notification site to be clever:


Click the picture to visit the notification site

It’s a live notification to the consumer crowd
heralding what the FDA cautions you to not put in your mouth.

Check it out.

Did you hear about our current lettuce stall?
Well, on romaine lettucethere’s been a recall.

Ex-nay on the alad-say, today I’m going Jamba Juice.
Good morning Friday! Aren’t you a high day? I look forward to our paletable produce.

So much is going on in the news…
My mouth hung agape during my recent peruse.

I’m not sure if I want to delve too deep in it…
White House Aids are talking — each one named Bennett…

It’s becoming increasingly hard to spin it and make the details sound mundane.
God bless America and God bless our governmental frame.

What is that in your mouth? Do you need a can? Are you a spitter?
If you find your throat full of grote please don’t take to Twitter.

God blessAmerica.

May we enjoy today, each and everyone.
In the name of life, let go of strifes
live full and have fun.

I am and especially today.
I’ll dance, drink, be merry and eat
on Fridays I yield to play.

What about you? What have you got planned for the weekend slot?
Thinking of doing nothing at all? At that thought – I think not.

Time is non-refundable, this year is yours and you are what it’s all about!
I’m Qui
Cheering on WE, to have more fun, learn to love everyone and be mindful of whats going in and coming out of our mouth.

It matters.


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