A Brow Up

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on March 5, 2018 at 4:49 am

light-on-off.gifGood morning sweetheart and how do you do?
I spent the weekend resting up, practicing the art of the snooze.

I didn’t socialize publically; no hanging out and sipping a brew.
English Composition was administering a good whipping –
I’ve had oodles of homework to do.

I love it. I’m recalling yesterday’s retention and still learning the most.
I’d be wise to work on building my thesis or my course grade could be toast.

I prefer to maintain a high-grade point average, therefore, I duly understand
unless I refamiliarize myself with the process, I’ve not a leg on which to stand.

I laugh a lot in the face of being God-smacked by knowledge.
Though this is the roughest nervous laugh, by far. 🙂 Good Lord, I love college.

How about you? What in the world did you get into?
Did you sleep in an extra hour, day or two?
Did you do a pedicure, a manicure or wash & condition your hair?
Did you do the household’s laundry? Not for a fare but out of care?

flipping-pages-bookI did neither.
My course curriculum demanded I be a reader.

I read until my eyes bled – I’m a die-hard doer.
I confess, the effort was my best and still, I need a tutor.

I’ve got A Brow Up and I’m in search of an uncompromising wordsmith,
I’m Qui
Good morning to thee! I’m up early trying to build a thesis
while sipping on a protein shake that tastes like a Reeses.

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