Bracing for A Bite

In Communication, Griot, News on May 2, 2018 at 8:05 am

qui-bracing_for_bite1It’s been 16-days since my braces have been installed and life is still good.
I have to forgo eating out at many of the favorited establishments in my hood.

Applesauce is my friend; no longer am I in search of spices and seasonings of fire.
In other words, no spicy Chik Fil A or robust steak because of my mouth-jeweled wires.

It’s a new day for me kinfolk – I must say, and Ooo Weee!
In the future, we’ll likely follow this up with Jaw Surgery.

There are many restrictions on the food list that I used to love and find dandy.
So thank God we’ll need no resolve for me to continue to consume chocolate candy.

I’m a lover of the basic Hershey’s chocolate bar. Give me one and you can’t stop me.
I eat half of a chocolate bar every morning; it goes well with my black coffee.

My coffee game is strong and I don’t want my teeth to stain,
so I may have to pull back on it, but eating chocolate will remain the same.

My new mouth jewelry feels strange, I must say.
However, it is also lending relief to my daily TMJ.

Remember that?
TMJ is a bad cat.

My TMJ seems to be restrained a little, by the new brace.
I’m sleeping like a baby, but no longer on my face.

I have to sleep on my back; I’m sad, but no pout.
For sleeping on my tummy, causes the wires to cut my mouth.

qui-bracing_for_bite2When sleeping on my face, the inside of my jaws give-way to gravity.
I wake up feeling like I’ve been chewing barbed wire; quite raggedy.

But if I sleep on my back, gravity holds all in place
and restricts my jaws from resting on the brace.

What a new route to take? I loved sleeping on my tummy.
But for the relief of TMJ, tasting a new sleeping route is yummy.

I’m braced for tomorrow and all of the goodness that it will bring.
I’m embracing metal jewelry because TMJ and I have a thing.

Wax has become my newest best friend and I think he feels the same.
He’s rolled between my fingers, he’s a nifty humdinger;
wax protects me from the pains.

Wish me well kinfolk, I am humping a wired game,
I’m Qui
Good morning and Oui-Oui, everything oral has changed.

  1. […] since April of this year, I have been bracing for Winter, when I would have oral surgery. Braces were installed on my teeth in April and the journey began to correct my lower crossbite […]

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