Good Morning

In News on June 1, 2018 at 5:46 am


Good morning Life, I enjoyed you last night.
To every hardworking moment that I gave yesterday
my rest equivalency was twice.

Mmmm, it sho’ felt nice; in fact I’m just waking.
I best jump up and go for a run before the day starts baking.

Heat rises to all occasions in the A-Z; as much as possible, I try to stay inside.
I’m a writer who writes by the curtained sunlight – not quite a vampire, but I hide.

You’ve got to believe me, it’s hot outside and folks around here are used to it.
I watch them go to-and-fro from the air-conditioned window where I sit.

Imagination and I? We’re doing alright from the comforts of this perch.
It’s a good place to be for creativity, should I labor into script birth.

Good morning Life, I’m awake and I have no complaints.
I’ll mindfully treat others as I’d like to be treated; I pray but am no saint.

I’m just into stacking good karma for myself.
It can go a long way towards good health and unmovable wealth.

So I’ll stay true to it.
I’m inspired to create and I get right to it.

What about you, Life? What do you know about the day?
You’ve survived ions of vibes, what doth your wisdom say?

Speak to me in my ear, like you did last night.
Hold me close and treat me right,
then dance with me in the glory of the light.
Good morning, today. I’m into you, Life.

It’s good to kick it with you; you are indeed my grateful score,
I’m Qui
Speaking for WE when I say to thee: by mass appeal, you’re mans #1 adore.

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