That’s Why

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on June 8, 2018 at 5:15 am

The first time I tried skipping school
I was in the twelfth grade & wanted to act a fool.

Two friends and I ditched and drove to another HS to retrieve another friend.
We were able to breach the entrance doors and tried to blend in.

It worked well until campus monitors spotted us
and caused us to flee in a flurry and hurried rush.

In the midst of our flee journey we had to jump a parking lot cable.
I saw my peers do it and knew without a doubt, that I was able.

Unfortunately, at the speed at which I was running, it appeared much quicker in my route
I jumped too late – the grass I ate, and then I pretty much blacked out.

Once awake and inside of the getaway car, I insisted that they just take me to work.
I worked for the Federal Government, a lofty job that I could perform even if hurt.

I limped into the building, smiling and socially chatting about
until Security inquired about my limp, then wheel-chaired me out.

I did not pass GO, but was immediately wheeled to the infirmary, yo!
do not pass GO.jpg

Me – dizzy, hair frizzy, with a limp and swollen leg; my job called my parents and duly said,
“There’s been an accident, come quick! Your child has fallen and hit her head.”

Yada, yada, yada… the day took on a counterproductive appeal.
It was a crazy scene; my arse was in a sling – please do catch my drift.

Suddenly skipping school wasn’t a good idea; causing me to reveal some truths amidst a few lies.
I’m not a good lair, nor am I an avid trier; I never skipped school again, and That’s Why.

If something is working for me, I’m all-in, no questions asked.
If something isn’t working for me, performing the duties is more of a task.sihoulette_thumbs-up.png

I’m not a lover of tasks, I love to do what I do.
I believe we have that in common. Aren’t you like that too?

If you do something for a reason and it fails to propel,
you might consider shooting that thing to hell.

Don’t do a thing that is proven to be not working for you or in your favor.
Life is good and to the last breath, you want to sip it, enjoy it and savor.

There is no time in your cup of life
when you should have to endure anything that you don’t like;

not too much, anyway.
Not if you have followed the formal rules of respect to play.

Don’t be counterproductive in task or in deed; It’ll not ever deliver you to fly.
I’m Qui
Good morning to thee, your time is valuable & non-refundable — and That’s Why.

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