You Smell That

In News on September 7, 2018 at 7:57 am


Good morning baby. Has the week gotten you off?
Did you miss your favorite shows to see “Le Grill of Kavanaugh?”

Oh yes, I watched as much as I could, tho at times I could not bear it.
I found myself drawn in by the inquisition of Senator K. Harris.

Whew! Her eyes and her posture; Judge Kavanaugh – I didn’t want to be.
Senator Harris was just following protocol set by elder Senator Patrick Leahy.

Specific questions were laid before the judge and the Senators seemed to have much of the answers before them.
The Supreme Court nominee danced clumsily looking for opportunities to beat around the bush; to haw the hem.

Kavanaugh was in the hot seat but it’s not really that blazing.
There are enough Repubs to push him through;
The speed of which is amazing.

I’m grateful to have tuned in to the hearings; there was so much to learn.
Glad to see the faces of elected officials who are voting towards our burn.

Their jobs are in jeopardy whether or not Kavanaugh’s lunch is secured and bought.
The GOP is governing carelessly; the condition of our union may be a degenerative cost.

All is not lost though,
November affords you and I to vote, so

if we want to turn this thing around, lets NIKE and JUST DO IT!
I’m Qui
and Le Grille of Kavanaugh is worth a looksy; it’s Day 4, don’t screw it.
Whether you caught day one through three, this s a great day to get to it.

  1. “Glad to see the faces of elected officials who are voting towards our burn” 😂 I LOL’ed that was a good one! Its kinda scary but kinda funny…. you have to laugh to keep from crying honestly 😳😂

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