WORDPRESS is Pressing Evolution Again

In News on November 14, 2018 at 8:23 pm

Have you felt the new Editor that’s being introduced through the admin’s backdoor? I’m framing it as coming through the backdoor because at present using the new editor is an option.  But we know that the option period is for a limited time only and that eventually, the new editor will be all that is available. 

Me? I have opted to give the new editor a go early because I’ve been on WordPress for almost a decade and am no longer afraid of confronting the evolution that they serve up. It’s usually good. 

So what did I find?

Well, I found that I will now be building my article content in blocks. Which isn’t really so different from typing text onto a blank document, but they are calling the beginning of a new paragraph “blocks” and I’m sure that’s a reference to HTML coding. We code in blocks. I also noticed that the HTML toggle switch is missing at the very top of the new document. However, if you highlight the block, the edit toolbar will appear at the top. Not a bad deal, but definitely something to get used to. 

In order to continue to press out my Griot point of view
It’s best that I learn how to maneuver the new hue.

It appears that WordPress’ evolution is a clever hat
But poses some issues in my Griot format.

In order to write in Shakespeare verse, poetics and Griot slots,
I may encounter a continuance issue at writing in blocks.

Each new 2-line stanza seems to create a brand-new paragraph.
But it’s just 2-lines in a verse; nothing to start a new block at. [?]

In order to compose this Griot piece in format-fashion 
I had to enlist a Word document and pre-viz my passion.

I wrote out my piece, copied and pasted it into one block.
Then once I pressed enter, it made a new block forever 2-line slot.

The extra step of previsualizing rocks and saved me from being confused by the editing evolution,
I’m Qui
And WordPress’ Press of Evolution bodes well for me; t’is my early conclusion.

What sayest ye, o’ WordPress Kin?
Evolution is real and they’re at it again.

  1. I saw that they had a new editor in my drafts that I am working on. I have a dozen drafts of recipes for future blogs. I guess I will back writing drafts in Open Office. I haven’t given the new editor a try yet. I guess I should. The post I did tonight I first started it 6 weeks ago. I go at this like a test kitchen and there is lots of research and fails sometimes. I have gone through 2 major updates since I started. The one that took the longest was learning to code a printable recipe. It took me months to go back and code all of them and get things right. Here is hoping that I can still keep my recipes printable. I am half way through optimizing my pictures. I started that this fall. The app I have shrinks the pixels down so the picture uses less storage space. I figured it was time for them to change things.

    • So very true, Trkingmomoe. WordPress was due an upgrade. I hope that’s what it is and not just a change.

      I did notice that in the block editing tool bar that we can now make the background of our text a different color from the actual text. Meaning we can now compose writes in a black background and white text letters, etc.

      It’s all foreign to us now but I have a feeling in 36-months when they upgrade again you and I will discuss how we just became accustomed to it and how we’re ready to learn yet a new WORDPRESS system.

      Cheers to composing Griot verses and Printable Recipes! 🤗

      • I took the leap this morning. The drafts transferred over just fine. The blocks don’t interfere with the recipe print coding. What I did noticed was some of the older recipes dropped off the menu. I am now going through the posts and marking the categories that are missing so they will show up on the menu. These are recipes pre 2015.

        I will probably leave my background white with black letters because of the theme I am using. It will one evening entertain me playing with that feature.

        I just noticed a year ago that I could schedule post to be published weeks in advance. Who knows how long that took me to notice?

        And last month I figured out how to edit posts that are scheduled and not published yet. It would have been nice to have some of these features 8 years ago.

      • LOL! 😄 I agree with you. Evolution and change is enevitable. Our adaptability makes us winners. A trait that supercedes blogging. 🏆 Yay!!! I look forward to enjoying more of your recipe expose.

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