In Griot, Self Improvement on December 17, 2018 at 10:59 am

yes-leisureOoo Lord, it’s almost noon.
I’m in love with life – in a bit of a swoon.

What’s new, you ask?
My next breath and not my last!

You can laugh – and it’s true.
Yes. I’m into life; I love the view.

I’m also loving on you. How are you doing today?
Did the weekend find you working hard? I pray thee did play.

Me? I did a little bit of both,
though collegiate work ruled the most.

When company dons next, I’ll hail a toast
for my GPA is something at which to boast.

Inside I am reel’y bursting at the seams;
visions of sugar plums dance in my dreams.

Yes. I am happy.
Hair perfectly coiffed in a natural state; nappy. 🙂

Yes, child. I am awake and still in my pj’s.
I have been a good lad – I’m going to enjoy this break.

What will this day find you participating in/partake?
Are you out and about, working it out? God is good and hooray!

Hey-ey! My wit matches my fashion.
5-4-3-2-1, I’m into R&R action.

Yes. Today is Monday, but I certainly wouldn’t know
save for my trusty digital clock that doth show.

I hope that when you get the opportunity to join me, that you do.
I know that you deserve a break today too –
and don’t spend your time eating McDonald’s food.
Let me spring for lunch. )))HUGS((( Boo, I got you.

Yes. Let’s break from it all
and take a well-deserved stall.

I’ll hit the shower if you’ll promise to catch this vibe,
I’m Qui
bidding a good afternoon to thee, let’s break, relax and live our lives.




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