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Oh, Happy Day!

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oh-happy-day_smiley-face.jpgI am one y sister this morning.
Yesterday was the last day that TMJ reigned at dawning.

I’ve researched more than my migraine could stand
with a laptop, 2 leads on and a tens unit in my hand.

A migraine lasted for more than a week; it wouldn’t let up.
Every day felt like a hangover; I was annoyed by every touch.

I was really in a bind and I’d really had enough.
Yesterday’s migraine reigned long and tough

until I learned how to properly stretch my muscles.
Smoothing my SCM, Masseter, and Suboccipitals was a tussle.

They were years tight.
I almost cried – I thought I might.

Okay, I did. WHAT? I’m just a girl
and TMJ doesn’t fit the frame of my happy-go-lucky world.

I massaged my muscles in between tens treatments and further learned
that if you don’t move the lead-pads every 20-minutes you could get burned.

Yep. I burned my shoulders a little bit —
but my muscles are more relaxed, so the process was hit.

Today I am grateful. Today I did pray
when I woke up and realized that I felt great!

Oh, Happy Day!

What about you? How’s your vantage view?
Is the family good? How about your hood?
I really missed vibing with you.

Please tell me that you haven’t been watching the news?
What’s the point? We, the people are the joint;
Not politicians.
Me & you.

So what’s up? What are we going to do?
Are you free for lunch? I’ve enough for two.

Let’s sit and make plans for tomorrow, quick.
Let’s be mindful of what we take in – bad ingredients make us sick.

So cut back on the news and read a newspaper.
Cut back on the flower if you can vapor.

Um, I thought you might want to know that too.
Of course when it comes to homeopathic stuff – I got you, Boo! 😛

Today I hump lightly in jest and in love.
Today I’m giving you and good health a big hug.


I’m so touchy-feely.
The human touch is oh so healing.

Hug me and I’ll hug your back – I’m up for a squeeze today.
I’m Qui
with no TMJ about me, singing  Oh, Happy Day!

Thank you for stopping my way.
I mean it, I love you, and have a fantastic day!

Oui Oui Oui – SHORTS TV

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I love SHORTS…

During my own personal “shutdown” (i.e., my 2.5-week & running visit with TMJ) I lean heavily on short films to keep my spirits up and my attention off of the pain. It works. Film-after-film I am enlightened, emotionally charged, humored, and alas, feeling less pain in my SCM and Masseter muscles. Endorphins counteract pain receptors.


Being no fan of medicine (OTC or prescribed) I prefer natural and homeopathic remedies when my good health is challenged. For the chronic pains of TMJ, I prefer to administer MMJ topicals and edibles while watching original short films on DirecTV’s channel 573. It’s a winning combo if you’re trying to “be somewhere else without leaving the house.” 😉

Travel via channel 573 is the best way to go. You don’t speak multiple languages? How do you feel about subtitles? If you’re down – there are no limits to where you can kick-it.

This weekend I traveled well via these hard-hitting short films that took me far away from the tensions of TMJ. I found a few that had trailers and thought they’d be cool to share, so I started with:



WEST SIDE SWORDY [2015] yields strong homage to West Side Story in the frame of their tale of two street gangs and fight choreographies that was shot in California on a $15K budget. I loved the relative scene designs, the DJ who controlled more than the music and the integration of sword dancing. This is not a West Side Story re-make, but it is strongly inspired. Director Dan Liu and crew did a fantastic job on this 9-minute short that could have easily been a “Thriller-length” music video. Drop in on their website to catch the next showing:

I then took a journey with Abraham, the principal character in IN GOD WE TRASH. Now before you send this one to the blasphemy bin hear me out. I really took this film to be hinting at a number of our population who say and do things in the name of Christianity to cover their own shortcomings. The film’s message is conveyed in a practical and comical way;  no offense – comprehend.  It’s only 22-minutes and is subtitled. Reading is fundamental – go for it!



The following film was probably by far the silliest, most metaphorically visual film that I have seen in a long time. IS THIS A JOKE, (aka THIS IS A JOKE) is a fabulous comedy written by Tom Edmunds and whose Cinematographer is Luke Bryant. Laughter is a huge producer of endorphins, thus this show helped to TKO my TMJ pain easy. Here’s a teaser to a jam-packed comical pleaser:

I particularly like the way that Tom directs silliness; his vision is hilarious. To see a directors mind does little more to reveal to me the contents of his mind and Tom Edmunds mind is a colorful hoot. My TMJ didn’t stand a chance. Actually, I had to watch this film twice to catch all of the literal punches that were sewn into passing conversation. Believe it or not, on the second round I laughing harder, and reaped more of those pain-free endorphins. Yes-yes!!

It’s possible that I watched at least 20 short films this weekend to help keep my mind distracted from the taut pull of my sternocleidomastoid muscle and my masseter muscle. The pain is pass-out worthy, I just won’t give in.  Especially since there’s always  Probability & Statistics, Shorts TV, a Tens Unit, and BC Powder. 😛

There’s plenty to do than focus on TMJ’s hue. However, with all of the research I’ve done on it, I wouldn’t doubt that a future character in a future script will be battling this ailment.

The way it’s kicking my arse is a comedy, but I’m sure I could work it into a drama. STAY TUNED.


So what have you got up for the day? I think I’m going to take it easy.
As much as I like “doing the most” – with TMJ it isn’t easy.

If you’re at the point of wondering why I keep bringing it up,
it is because it’s giving me a bear hug and the chronic pain sucks.

But I won’t lie, intense math equations help to keep me from focusing on;
and the hope of TMJ fading away is my prayerful sum,

I accessorize that with a couple of edible yum-yum’s and short film binging,
I’m Qui
Oui Oui to the reel vibes of Shorts TV and it’s assistance in my pain ending.

Watching more today because TMJ defense via endorphins is mind-bending.
Reviewing my peers’ films is what I call, “passionate time spending.”


What Kind of Outfit Are You Running

In News on January 25, 2019 at 6:44 am

Somebody said, “This is America” and I said where?
Ain’t America that place that folks call beautiful and fair?

Well… at one point, maybe it was.
But today? America needs a hug.

I look around and I see politics doing the flea-flick and class-gunning.
Makes me ask the question, “What Kind of Outfit Are You Running?”

Give us your tired, your poor…”
and in a cage we’ll put them – for sure!

“Pay them their wages each day before sunset…”
That’s scripture from the Bible — still no check, yet.

My neighbors and friends are hungry.


Outfit Changing.

Who knew working for the government would be so funky?

The very first job that I ever held was with the Corp of Engineers.
I felt like our water system was in good hands – I had no federal fears.

I heard about past shutdowns, the subsequent lows, and jeers.
But I had not ever seen government employees reduced to tears

because their employer wasn’t paying or for being an obligation louse.
Federal workers who once foreclosed on defaulted loans now stand to lose their house.

More bad news reveals that this is not their first lost to fate.
Many worked through the recession; employment was a blessin,’
still, they suffered in the recession of ’08.

They don’t deserve this stall of income…
Scholars fear another recession will come.

Hum-diddy-hum-hum. Save your spare change now!
Your tax dollars won’t pay the rent and you’ve no alternate cash cow.

Lord why and how? Not this again.”
Yep. I always turn to God when I need a true friend.

With open arms, He reigns me in and shows me another way.
I pray that same for you when you go to Him today.

Tina-Fey_hi-fiving-angels.gifYep! I’m back to sticking-in the notion “to pray.”
Good morning sweetheart – be productive today. beating-heart

Good-God hooray! Today is Friday and I’m all about winning.
I’m doing so with an internal glow because I can’t do too much grinning.

Why you ask? Since I’m all about smiles and teeth?
I will tell you, child, TMJ ain’t yielding much relief.

It is on my boo-hiney like you would not know.
Thank God for MMJ Salva showing blatant pain the do.’

I’m wearing braces so when I had a TMJ flare up I called my Ortho –
She referred me to my DDS…? Oh. So,

tmj-syndromeI went.
That’s how my Wednesday morning was spent.

I received a tooth examination and a thorough cleaning.
They also heard me out on how my TMJ journey was leaning.

I was sad to report that my Ortho was unfamiliar with my symptoms
and that she suggested I may have an abscessed tooth among other mentions.

I was dumb-founded. My Ortho’s lack of TMJ knowledge was stunning.
She referred me to my DDS? — What Kind of Outfit Is She Running?


Big Ups to my DDS. I appreciate you for taking the time
to see a sister at the last minute and assess my grind.

Thank you so much. Today I am better.
When an outfit is right – it feels like your best sweater.

I’m going to keep my DDS but a new Ortho doc is coming.
I’m Qui
and life is full of surprises, seen by the wisest
never fear to inquire: What Kind of Outfit Are You Running?

Ask it of your country.
Ask it of yourself.