In Communication, Griot, News, Self Improvement on January 18, 2019 at 5:15 am

can i have it-memIs today a reason for celebration,
a step away from degradation,
a day to build on our united relation,
a day to retreat from psycho-babble connotations?


Yes-Yes. Let foolishness and misunderstandings hit the highway!
I awoke this morning, feeling SURE in my yawning that today is a high day.

Hello, howdy, and hi!
Come on over – DO stop-on by.

We’ve got Nancy Pelosi holding the gavel now
and a wall for separation — may not eat our tax-cow.

Do we need to reopen the government? — Absolutely we do.
Should we do so by any unsettling means? <– Bid ignorance adieu.

Wisdom is about me and you, as is another opportunistic Friday morn.
Rise and shine. I hope you’re feeling fine for the wool of yesterday is being sClint-Eastwood-YES.gifhorn.
Is our current state of the union still a reason for alarm?


Can we get better? — We must.
More bipartisanship and less fuss.

Can we do it for the sake of being whole and secure?
Can we put a check on what we need to correct? — Absolutely. SURE.

Unproductiveness… we need to shoo it.
Come together and get things done? We need to do it.

Can we do it today? We SURE can.
I’m Qui
and anytime I feel at an impasse – I pray for a plan.


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