TMJ and a 2-Wire Brace

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With braces on the upper and lower rows of my teeth
TMJ is still active. Yes, she is a beast.

In 2-months I will have been braced for a year
and I’m down for 1 1/2 more — from what I hear.

All has been well on my braced 10-month journey
It comes with a bit of pain, but none that yield to the gurney.

I can handle it; the pain hits hard but there’s no hollerin.’
Thank God my DNA’s from Ireland and that I have a high pain tolerance.

Yes. I do.
My father was a redhead, too.

Not quite a leprechaun, but he did wear clean shoes,
and thanks to his DNA, TMJ pain won’t cause me to lose.

Though I can see a little bruising around my jawline.
Braces and TMJ are not without pain, but I’m fine.

I mean, considering that in December of 2018
I was charted for a double-jaw surgery scene,

then at the last minute, I felt compelled to opt out.
I realized what the pain ratio would be about.


TMJ PAINS are caused when this happens @ jaw bone point – in front of the ear.

Whether or not I stayed in the surgery lane
there were no promises on ridding me of this TMJ pain.

There was only “a chance.”
I chose an alternative procedure with which to dance.

I chose to have two teeth from the lower jaw removed.
Comparable degrees of pain but with a less-intense recovery groove.

Surgery would’ve included a hacksaw and about 8-weeks for post-swelling to go down
whereas tooth extractions required  2-rooted teeth & 3-weeks of light recovery rounds.

However, TMJ is currently bound by a 2-wire brace
the nocturnal grinding ceases not to pain my face.

Likely, because my jaw bones are currently moving.
My trachea measurements have widened; improving.

Braces are yielding a great help in improving my bite,
but the grind of TMJ still owns the night. Aye-yae-yae.

Good morning beloved, I felt the need to insert an update,
I’m Qui
Please wish me Godspeed on this TMJ pain and 2-Wire Brace.

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