What Kind of Outfit Are You Running

In News on January 25, 2019 at 6:44 am

Somebody said, “This is America” and I said where?
Ain’t America that place that folks call beautiful and fair?

Well… at one point, maybe it was.
But today? America needs a hug.

I look around and I see politics doing the flea-flick and class-gunning.
Makes me ask the question, “What Kind of Outfit Are You Running?”

Give us your tired, your poor…”
and in a cage we’ll put them – for sure!

“Pay them their wages each day before sunset…”
That’s scripture from the Bible — still no check, yet.

My neighbors and friends are hungry.


Outfit Changing.

Who knew working for the government would be so funky?

The very first job that I ever held was with the Corp of Engineers.
I felt like our water system was in good hands – I had no federal fears.

I heard about past shutdowns, the subsequent lows, and jeers.
But I had not ever seen government employees reduced to tears

because their employer wasn’t paying or for being an obligation louse.
Federal workers who once foreclosed on defaulted loans now stand to lose their house.

More bad news reveals that this is not their first lost to fate.
Many worked through the recession; employment was a blessin,’
still, they suffered in the recession of ’08.

They don’t deserve this stall of income…
Scholars fear another recession will come.

Hum-diddy-hum-hum. Save your spare change now!
Your tax dollars won’t pay the rent and you’ve no alternate cash cow.

Lord why and how? Not this again.”
Yep. I always turn to God when I need a true friend.

With open arms, He reigns me in and shows me another way.
I pray that same for you when you go to Him today.

Tina-Fey_hi-fiving-angels.gifYep! I’m back to sticking-in the notion “to pray.”
Good morning sweetheart – be productive today. beating-heart

Good-God hooray! Today is Friday and I’m all about winning.
I’m doing so with an internal glow because I can’t do too much grinning.

Why you ask? Since I’m all about smiles and teeth?
I will tell you, child, TMJ ain’t yielding much relief.

It is on my boo-hiney like you would not know.
Thank God for MMJ Salva showing blatant pain the do.’

I’m wearing braces so when I had a TMJ flare up I called my Ortho –
She referred me to my DDS…? Oh. So,

tmj-syndromeI went.
That’s how my Wednesday morning was spent.

I received a tooth examination and a thorough cleaning.
They also heard me out on how my TMJ journey was leaning.

I was sad to report that my Ortho was unfamiliar with my symptoms
and that she suggested I may have an abscessed tooth among other mentions.

I was dumb-founded. My Ortho’s lack of TMJ knowledge was stunning.
She referred me to my DDS? — What Kind of Outfit Is She Running?


Big Ups to my DDS. I appreciate you for taking the time
to see a sister at the last minute and assess my grind.

Thank you so much. Today I am better.
When an outfit is right – it feels like your best sweater.

I’m going to keep my DDS but a new Ortho doc is coming.
I’m Qui
and life is full of surprises, seen by the wisest
never fear to inquire: What Kind of Outfit Are You Running?

Ask it of your country.
Ask it of yourself.


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