Monday Kickstarter

In News on March 18, 2019 at 4:27 am


Good morning Monday. Good morning to you.
I’m up before dawn to griot a verse or two

about the world as I see it and as we live it.
I’ve got a lot of love for humanity and I love to give it.

Are you in the receiving mood?
Perhaps you’re like me – you’re a giver too?

The day is fresh and young… whatever will we do?
I’ve got “hot sauce in my bagswag” and enough to share with you.


Hot sauce? Oh, it’s flavorful seasoning – though we could go harder.
I’m perusing the hood to see what’s good; Monday is a Kickstarter.

Let today provide sufficiently for tomorrow.
Pencil yourself in: more happy, less sorrow.

You can do it! I’m doing it too.
Spring is on the way – she’s passing through

and you want to be sure to ride her refreshing take.
this Monday is a Kickstarter and all yours to take.

Use today to build-up Tuesday, and Tuesday will make way for the hump.
Wednesday’s vantage view will ensure that we get through; the weeks remainder is no slump.

Don’t be a procrastinating chump. Rise & shine and claim what you need,
I’m Qui
Kickstarting this Monday with thee – let’s be deliberate and sew a good seed.

REMEMBER:  Every deed leads to a reap.

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