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‘Morning kinfolk. How’d you sleep last night?
Snug as a bug in a rug, rolled tight?

I’m glad to hear it  – if such is the case.
I wish we were having this chit-chat face-2-face

over a cup of coffee at my place — but you are not here,
so I got up quickly to digitally veer into your sphere.

I’ve been thinking about you, dear and I am duly paying attention.
Life’s dailies are real and can be reeled – if they are worth the mention.

How’s your life? Are you paying attention? I certainly am.
If a situation bothers your intuition… consider it damned

and prepare to move on.
The universe carries a vibe that just isn’t wrong.

Do not ignore any internal signs that you may ever feel
about a situation that you wish was better — instead, just keep it real

with yourself.
Forcing energy never helped.

Let today pull your attention towards the light.
Your life is at hand and YOU’VE GOT THIS. Alright?

What’s on your mind? Anything that you’d like to mention?
Did you watch BIG LEO testify and did you pay attention?

I certainly hoped that you did. I was concerned at the close.
But then I stopped and gave it all to God; what I lack — He knows.

I have confidence in the American People. I am glad that we all have heard.
And now that we have a clue… there’s no reason to fear or be s’kerd.

Heed the reported word by getting a thorough understanding.
Pay Attention to history and when you speak to the universe – be demanding.

What on Earth do you want for you?
Give thought to what you’ll need to do

before you do it.
Whatever you do, don’t get an understanding and screw it.

Such would quickly be deduced to a waste of time.
Pay Attention to avoid unnecessary indentions and speak more in rhyme. 😀

Give it a go. Go ahead. Give it a try.
If nothing else, it’ll change up your quip-vibe.

Or you can literally ride shotgun and I’ll provide the drive,
I’m Qui
I’ve got my eyes on the road because I’m about our lives.

You feel free to watch the road, too.
One pair of eyes discerning things – is only half as good as two.

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