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In Networking, News, Self Improvement on August 19, 2019 at 12:48 pm

black girl curtseyGood afternoon New York Times. How do you do?
I approach you with curtsey – I appreciate you.

Keep doing what you do. I am indeed an avid newspaper reader.
Tho I admit until just a minute, I hadn’t ever subscribed to your periodical seeder.

Admittedly, I’ve long admired your legacy trace;
and recently, your bravery (to the letter) on facing race.

Thank you. I read the 1619 install and I love it.
If words were a tangible matter – I’d hug it.

Which brings me to the topic of subscribing to your cause.
I have officially subscribed to NYT because you’ve got balls.

The 1619 Project should make us all take a pause.
If you love the United States, slaves are an integral part of our gall.

Our ancestors were recruited against their will.
They were hands-on in erecting our architecture and tending our fields.

Former slaves received no pay, no residual, no acres or a mule.
Slaves lost their lives firing up the US machine; this country’s fuel.

Over centuries of time, we are all grappling to understand,
what America has become and by whose hands.

From the plantations to the NFL-land,
what’s the beloved value of a black man?

jay z-nfl.jpgYou have to understand the music to get into the band.
America is at a pivotal point – don’t miss the chance
to take a stand.
Be a part of her future, today and tomorrow we dance.

Do better than the generations before.
The world is in need of a united score.

We have no time for divisive energy.
The world is heating up to a fatal degree.

Finances are volatile and economists fear a recess.
There are balances in the wind, that demand a check.

With our State Departments underemployed, who’s driving this ship?
The 1619 Project is a great understanding to build upon. Do take a sip.

I did
and it truly massaged my wig.

Check it out.
If nothing else, to know what it’s about.

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