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Every Little Thing

In News on November 26, 2019 at 5:45 am


When it comes to metadata, talking hard, listening and recording:
Please get comfortable with being open about every little-lord thing.

If in God you really do trust
then this advice – for you, is must,

take it to heart.
Next time you’re on the phone – be smart.

Careful not to speak your whole mind.
It could lead authorities to thoughts of “PreCrime.

You know?
Who’s listening? Google & Siri, for sho’…

and a whole lot of other folk – I’d imagine.
Your thoughts are like farts… your momma couldn’t really

Be mindful to give no one else a reason to ever question as much.
Every Little Thing you say and do requires your thoughtful touch.

Are you still carrying your cell phone everywhere that you go?
Metadata is the holder of your conversations, texts, to’s, and fro’s.

I have no problem with it. Personally, I want folks to know
where I am if I get in a jam. Come scoop me up fa’ sho.’

We live in a day and age where algorithms are on the come up.
Say what you want, go where you will and be not surprised by much.

With you, beloved, I keep it real.
And so today has a Day 2 appeal.

May it bode prosperously for your fam and you,
I’m Qui
Reminding you that Every Little Thing is being recored, boo.

And that’s the moral of this convey. Ooo.

Glued to the tube – Who got the lube

In Communication, education, Griot, News, Self Improvement on November 20, 2019 at 2:33 pm
glued-to-the-tube2 .gif

I tried to look away…

Another day is closing on the impeachment hearings.
No funny hashtags emerged with metaphorical endearing’s.

There was a lot going on. I was watching. Were you?
According to the rating polls — you were glued-in too.

I know you saw it. I tried not to.
I left the house, merged with the crowds
and networked the morning through.
Everywhere that I went, regardless of the dollars I spent –
it was all about the “U:”

Unity & Under-dogging.
The two merged and displayed “cover story” flogging.

A lot of cover story’s may not “cover much” anymore.
If this moment were a bed — “the duvet” is on the floor.

Code red – code red.
The cover is off of the bed.


But maybe it’s still on the table; the truth.
This is a moment, where I could use a call from Aunt Ruth.

You already know what she would say in a time like this.
She’d round up the posse for comments and she would not miss.

Always tell the truth and no one can touch ya.
Aunt Ruth would high-five that and then hug ya.

She was about the truth, so there’s no need to say …
The truth showed up big time in hearings today.

And so, we’re all “Glued to the tube – Who got the lube?
Somebody’s getting it in; dildo is truth.

There were three amigo’s and a couple of other folk…
Necks and shoulders are heavy; hearings yield yolk.

Oh no and whoa. Who knew the hearings would be this real and so swift?
I’m Qui
I rewinded a time or three, it’s hard to believe this isn’t a series script.

Now turn the television off. Let’s cut a corner; let’s dip.



In Comedy, Communication, Griot, News, Self Improvement on November 19, 2019 at 9:31 am

Michael Jordan LAUGHTER.gif

We do a lot of things naturally, like expend and take-in copious amounts of energy.
If I didn’t break up the concentration of no-flux, what kind of friend would I be?

Reading is fundamental and is an activity that I enjoy best.
Good jokes appeal to me; I find them in the READERS DIGEST.

The world needs more smiles and less “do I still look happy” fakes.
If you reflect the latter of the two – please genuinely enjoy this LAUGH BREAK:






ADD it UP.
Laughter is good for the heart; Laugher is good for the gut.

Partake in a laugh or two, we really need three or four,
I’m Qui
Good morning to thee, show “smile-less” to the door.

There’s no reason to harbor it anymore – for goodness sake.
So never mind what thoughts plague your mind, let’s all take a LAUGH BREAK.


Today is a good day to