Every Little Thing

In News on November 26, 2019 at 5:45 am


When it comes to metadata, talking hard, listening and recording:
Please get comfortable with being open about every little-lord thing.

If in God you really do trust
then this advice – for you, is must,

take it to heart.
Next time you’re on the phone – be smart.

Careful not to speak your whole mind.
It could lead authorities to thoughts of “PreCrime.

You know?
Who’s listening? Google & Siri, for sho’…

and a whole lot of other folk – I’d imagine.
Your thoughts are like farts… your momma couldn’t really

Be mindful to give no one else a reason to ever question as much.
Every Little Thing you say and do requires your thoughtful touch.

Are you still carrying your cell phone everywhere that you go?
Metadata is the holder of your conversations, texts, to’s, and fro’s.

I have no problem with it. Personally, I want folks to know
where I am if I get in a jam. Come scoop me up fa’ sho.’

We live in a day and age where algorithms are on the come up.
Say what you want, go where you will and be not surprised by much.

With you, beloved, I keep it real.
And so today has a Day 2 appeal.

May it bode prosperously for your fam and you,
I’m Qui
Reminding you that Every Little Thing is being recored, boo.

And that’s the moral of this convey. Ooo.

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