Me + You in 2022

The year is early and we are duly awake.
Let us be like early birds, — always up for the take.

2022 is looking fine and we’ve only just met. 
No gamble on chance but calculate bets.

Carefully, with very mindful intentions
I am so very bright-eyed at composing this mention.

I am refreshed in thought and I feel brand new
about life, prosperity, good times, me and you.

Better days are ahead, indeed it is true.
Good morning, day 1 of 2022.

I am enjoying the feel and the field of you.
Like green grass of Spring with bonnets of blue,

I am truly feeling you. It’s so early in our day. 
There are 11 more months in this annual bunch — may they support us well, I pray.

Me? I am ‘up and at ‘em; up before the sun, feeling alive and quite cool.
You know how excited I get when there’s opportunity to go to school.

builds new routes to where you want to be.

Revel in the feeling of adolescence…
to acquire knowledge is a blessin.’

2022 requires that we look-alive and remain feeling cute.
For, every hill that you conquer will substantially elevate you.

Life is truly remarkable and duly in progress…
We deserve nothing but the best please approach it Very Refreshed.

Let this be our truth in 2022.

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