You & Me in 2023

Welcome New Year!
 We’re so glad that you’re here.
May you birth us many new reasons to collectively cheer.

May we raise our standards and our glasses to the best that WE can be.
God bless the globe, what we do and don’t know, and our prayers for humanity.

This year is new so let us meet it with a new attitude.
If last year was a doozy, use this year to mindfully un-dooze.

It’s the start of a new calendar year that will duly play out.
Smile as much as you can, cozy up to your fellow man,
and learn what their view is about.

Me? I’m already in en route. Is that you shimmying into my view?
I’m Qui
Good morning 2023
, I am most eager to cozy up to you.

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