Kobe, GiGi, and Friends

In Communication, Griot, News on January 26, 2020 at 3:38 pm


My reaction? Speechless when at first they had told me,
“Qui, have you heard? I think we just lost Kobe.”

Do what? And why would you say that?
I prayed it an unthoughtful prank. The type? Real bad.

I succumb to the emotion: sad – when I did realize
the comment was not a joke and that Kobe has died.

Though not alone, there were 8 others who I pray REST IN PEACE —
among them Kobe’s 13-year old daughter, la bella GiGi; Baller. Pretty.

Frozen in a glare are my eyes as I comprehended what I read.
With all imagination about me, I’ve difficulties settling in my head.

Any victim crossing over is a big thing to digest.
I didn’t know Kobe personally, but his energy was: best.

Talk about being fast out-of-the-gate and acing life’s success test!
He did that — from a young lad to a young 41-year old dad & NBA vet.

Kobe was quick & fast. He lived in hyper speed.
He was generous with his prosperity; he sowed many seeds

quietly. He didn’t do it for show.
So, yeah my heart’s affected that we have to let him go.

Whoa unto Lady Vanessa. I am praying for her without cease.
That her heart can mend post losing daughter & best friend in such seismic release.

Do keep the entire family in your prayers.
God is with us when all and everything doesn’t look fair.

He is still with us even when we are in doubt.
Pray for the fam. Your good energy is needed now.

Me? Well besides talking to you, I’m really talking to myself.
My emotions are on my sleeve; I don’t endeavor to be stealth.

I don’t know what you had planned for today,
but several big energies have gone away.

Take a moment to be grateful that the energy released was not yours.
I’m Qui
and I’m going to miss Kobe, GiGi & Friends. Today “the other side” netted a score.

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