Love & Hip Hop is Tops

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Nick Cannon’s Wilding Out don’t stop.
Is that Mariah Lynn from Love and Hip Hop?

Please know that I love all of the franchised Love and Hip Hop views,
though today we’ll focus on the show with the NEW YORK hues.

RemyMa-Papoose.gifI am into the cast members and enjoy the moves of the crew,
the editors, the energy, Remy Ma & Papoose.

I do love those two. They are the cutest and so real.
LHH New York has several storylines that appeal.

Yandy, o’ Yandy, I do like your smile,
the way you hold it down, your sparkle and style.

Hello child. How’s are things going with thee?
Kudo’s to being a great mom and wife to Mendeecee.

Your intentions are pure and easy to see.
It’s sad that you and Kimbella are split at the seam.

Yandy_and_Kimbella.gifIt doesn’t have to be this way forever.
Stress is a mess and leaning on Kimbella.

You, my dear, have a ton of strength
to maintain your bossiness and represent the rent.

Management skills are a gift encompassing the most and not the lesser.
Still, I’m just not a big fan of Jenn & her buster-boo PH’resher.

What in the world is going on there?
I am into , however, Joe Budden & Cyn becoming a pair.

Right now, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.
But should they unite – romantic audiences will be clappin.’


Photo by: JamaicanMoments

And just to be clear, I want to make this Straitt!
I loved Erica & Safaree‘s wedding day.

Everyday is a good day when love is at play. It’s true.
Just look at the lasting love of Remy Ma and Papoose.


Every girl needs a friend like Jonathon. ❤

Did I mention that I love those two and their beloved golden child?
However, the love Jonathon has for his friends – drives me while. Ooo child!

I can recall an episode when he confessed that Cyn is his best-friend hottie.
And when questioned “how close,” Jonathon said, he’d help Cyn hide the body.

Lawd, I laughed out loud. He’s a pretty committed friend.
Thank God no lives by Cyn’s hands had come to an end.

Olivia & Rich‘s storyline is a definite no-go.
I hate that it has lead to door of Cisco.

RichDollaz_Olivia_Cisco.gifBut it has.
Olivia feel’s slighted on funds from the past.

Blaming Rich and telling Remy Ma and Yandy
she’s got nothing for Rich; no gum or hard candy.

She want’s her money
and is feeling like Cisco’s memory is funny.

I feel for her. Her plight is quite demanding.
Tho on the business-tip, this, too may be a misunderstanding.

Speaking of business, Remy Ma stays on her game,
so for her to be facing the courts like she did – was insane.

A day-member named Brittney attempted to write an old page
and complained to the law that Remy had hit her in the face.

I’m not sure if the public ever saw any taped proof,
But the ramifications fo the charge could have escalated through the roof.

Remy said it wasn’t true,
then the judge dismissed the case, for the lack of proof.

Ain’t God good?
It’s real in the field; let Him be understood.


The Golden Child will remain with both of her loving parents
and I will continue to support the LHH view therein.

I’ve been watching since Season 1 Episode 1; partaking in the nourishment & icing contusions,
I’m Qui
The producers
are really franchise gold. They are producing organized confusion.


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