Feeling DE LA SOUL

In Communication, Music, News, Video on April 2, 2020 at 5:55 am


High stakes patty-cakes but how high are they?
Attention to clanging cymbals – I do not pay.

In fact, where are the beef steaks? I am quite hungry.
The boogger man ain’t coming for me; ain’t coming to hug me.
Not me.

I’m pushing for love and faith in the creator.
Faith’s capacity is wider than the equator.

You and me? We’re relaters. We can use faith to comply.
Grace will deliver us when the “supposed” STAKES IS HIGH.


Folks do lie, but a high count is what “the rona” is hitting.
It’s not for you to be tallied into – so you won’t be getting.

Where is your mind? Succumb not to moody words.
Out of your mouth you speak life; your perception is verb.

Can you hear me? Is your intuition nigh?
The virus is real but are the STAKES that HIGH?

God did give man dominion over all.
Then how does a virus cause man to stall?

We must wash our ever-loving nasty hands.
Let that be the WORD across our ever-loving land.

We got this. I miss your out-and-about spirited vibe.
Let me spring for lunch. Woo! Steaks are too high!


Click RECIPE to make this at home.

Maybe we’ll have chopped beef instead and smother it in onions and gravy.
I’m a chick from the South; to not cook on Thursday like it’s Sunday – is crazy.

I’m-a- do it. You want a plate?
I look forward to hosting. Please #HaveFaith.

In the meantime, I will be on my content creating grind;
sending nourishing vibes to you from my heart and mind.

Do you feel me?
Stakes are high – but they won’t kill we.
Not we.

It’s Thursday, baby and you are on my mind early.
I’m Qui
Jammin’ DE LA SOUL because my energy is burly.

Let faith in our longevity be the gleam in our eye.
Reality is perception; allow yours to rise
and whether or not you be HIGH, make those STAKES fried.

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