Til The Wheels Fall Off

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Ride it.

About the captain who was relieved of command, who did so without balk:
Captain Crozier is a soldier ‘Til The Wheels Fall Off.

I say this because I’ve read a little backstory.
Leaders walk the walk – even if it’s away from earned glory.

Good morning, good looking. Yes. I’m talking to you.
What’s really going on with you and your crew?

Are you staying inside and yielding respect due
to Mother Earth by restraining your girth;
our better futures depend on me and you.
Are you following through?

The sky looks so much better.
We’ll mess around and heal the weather.

wind-blowing_through-trees.gifThe wind blowing outside of my window is clean.
I can’t say I really recognize the scene…

it is beautiful. Clear skies makes it easy to see
that we’ve all been living excessive and a bit mindlessly.

Now that we have parked our cars and are washing our hands
the proof of thanks is showing itself quickly; the healing of our land.

Come on y’all.
Why ever did we resist & stall?

We can finally breathe, though we do have to work from home.
We can enjoy the land but less on our gasoline MPH roams.

Do you still have that cute bicycle? Perhaps you call it a bike?
Do you still have that old back pack and did you ever learn to hike?

These are good questions to clarify and get answers to
and I think that you will discover that you have much to do

like, go to the grocery store. You’ll need a backpack and/or a bike basket.
We’ll put more thought into our transitions; our to and fro – tisket’s & tasket’s.

And ride this thang Til The Wheels Fall Off!
Breathe in cleaner air, with no associated wheezing or cough.

Your good health and fuel source will require you little cost
if we can commit to embracing a world that money never bought.

Let’s do it. Beloved mammals, I think this may be our trough.
Let’s ride this clean air wave Til The Wheels Fall Off.


This will happen BEFORE The Wheels Fall Off.

Which they won’t.
We either do this or we don’t.

Embrace the new air that we are being given
and bypass all suggestions to increase car emissions.

What the –? Please tell me that you’ve heard?
Child, I ain’t making it up; ignorance is a verb.

Don’t jump on that bus; meet the suggestion with balk.
Let’s ride out the social distance and cut out the visits
until it’s unnecessary. When the wheels fall off.

Because one day, the wheels will fall off of this COVID19 grip,
but until then, equip yourself to shoot from the hip

with Lysol.
Don’t let sanitation get-by y’all. 😛

Good morning beloved, I don’t mean to talk your ear off,
I’m Qui
and I’ll be here for WE until the very last wheel falls off.

By the time that threatens to happen, we will all be in a new vehicle.
Let’s assemble our new world together while we’re united in this pickle.

Rule #1: Maintain our CLEAN AIR.
But only ‘Til The Wheels Fall Off. Fair?


Insert will here.

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