Tricky Little CLEAR TITLE Lien

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She’s a beaut’ but the 411 isn’t true.

I know what you’re thinking — “What type of oxymoron’ism is going on with Clear Title and Lien  being in the same statement?” And you’d be correct to ask, because the statement makes no sense. Yet and still my kid found this beaut’ of a truck and took pictures of it before asking me for a small loan of $5,500. $5,500 is not small change to me on any given day, (I’m a writer for God’s sake) – but my kid’s independence is paramount so I took her request into consideration.

Why a truck? It’s a Texas thing. It’s also an independent act; to move all of your own belongings across state lines without me doing the logistical work. My sweat equity will help her pack her vehicle (or truck), but she can do the actual hauling. Leaning towards a “YES” on the loan, I took to Capital One’s loan portal and typed in the VIN number to said vehicle and the results rendered me a message akin to “VIN not in our search records.”  I wasn’t too suspicious, because this is common, depending on if the vehicle is being sold by a dealer vs. an individual. If it’s an individual selling their own vehicle the VIN number may or may not be in the Capital One portal. Cutting through the chase I went to CAR FAX and purchased a SEARCH RESULT package ($60.00 for 3 VIN searches) that allowed me to input the trucks VIN number for a complete history car report. The report was 6-pages long and page 1-5 was THE LICK! However, on page 6, at the very bottom I noticed a bullet point that said “Loan/Lien reported.”


Check the COMMENTS Section of the CAR FAX.


What the? Clearly on the windshield of the truck it says, “CLEAR TITLE.” Somebody’s lying. In all of my nosiness, I wanted to know who the lying culprit was on this title, so I read a little more. Seems that the truck was purchased twice in 2019: April and August. The lien came about in August. In a nutshell, it  appears the seller took out a loan on this vehicle after buying it last year.  Knowing full well that there is a loan on it, the owner is looking to take a cool $5,500 from any consumer that doesn’t take the time to pull a Car Fax and read it thoroughly. But why? And why now? Perhaps, because there’s word of a “stimulus check” on the way to most folk who might be looking to get a sweet deal on a sweet vehicle? Preying on the vulnerabilities of others.  Whoever the seller of this vehicle is:


Pull your skirt down, because we can see your arse.
Your intentions are fecal from the very start.

But you’re not so smart, blackened heart; tricky little lien scam.
When asked whose the scam damned – you respond, “Here I am.”

May God bless your thieving soul.
I hope the truck isn’t ever resold.

It’s a darn shame that a crook would be so bold;
sticking folks with his loan while he spends the gold.

A “Clear Title” is just that – it should have no “Lien” pending.
I’m Qui
and this is 411 to thee, please read the fine print and keep winning.

What does the 3rd bullet point on the windshield say about the truck?

Photo Apr 24, 8 06 24 PM

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