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In Movies, Music, News, Science, Self Improvement, Video on May 8, 2020 at 5:30 am

Are you familiar with the headline song, beloved baby?
Have you heard of or bore witness to those big haired 80’s?

I am familiar; I was there.
It was a big time and we rocked with care.

Stiffness was for the hair and hair wasn’t consider an essential.
A stiff ball of hair is also not reflective of being presidential.

Would you agree there are concerns that the era that we’re in is unruly?
Good morning DOJ. Tell me, how are you doing, truly?

Please prove me wrong — I’m thinking you may not be blind.
How many fingers am I using to display this query pine?

paddling_punishmentYes, yes. Let me in – let me in, if you insist on bending over.
I considered you to be no mans lackey; don’t want to call you Rover.

Don’t be tacky, baby. Pray tell “what’s really going on?”
If a man pleads guilty — it’s because a man is wrong.

We are all American’s, we are living cautiously not dumb.
I must say whatever you’re smoking, I don’t want none —

it doesn’t smell right an this truly isn’t the time
for us to be divisive in order to embolden a party line.

This just is not the time nor is it the day.
The world is looking at the inside crooking of our united DOJ.

the-hill_supreme court bldg.jpgHey, from that hill, we’ve long hailed a cry of justice and glory.
Headline news today tells a very weak and different story.

Headline news is talking about you.
‘Hold your head DOJ; the people need you to.

Meaning, stand your ground in being sound.
America’s throwback reputation deserves a pound.

I know, I know – I know what you’re thinking
America has been dirty before; her tact was stinking.

It’s true. It’s true, a stinking past we all do have.
That’s no reason to jump into season “Let’s all stink like ass.”

DOJ, please “walk towards the light”.


Pull your pants back up; no moons, please – we seek the sunshine.
Let’s get back to law keeping order; our choice of wielding pine.

jiggly-thigh_girl.gifDOJ: Hold those scales and close your eyes.
Someone please take some fabric and wrap up her thighs.

She is quite giving.
It’s not a good look for where we are living.

DOJ, DOJ. I am thinking about you
and all of the good that you’ve spurred and all you still DO.

You’ve still got our eye, please don’t change on we.
It’s sexy to live up to your potential and strengthen our legacy.

I am not going to give up on thee. I am just not one to quit.
Though the “ON MY OWN” video is how I feel in my spirit.

I feel like we, as American’s are ‘on our own.’
I feel like MacCaulay Culkin in HOME ALONE.

But you keep saying that ‘you are home.’ May I ask if you’re incognito?
I’m Qui
and the people, “we” just want to make sure that nothings wrong

with you.
We support you to wellness because we love you.

Here’s another jam for you to play:

“I know you can do it.”
Be Encouraged.

divider blk_south


news peruse

As important as DOJ NEWS is right now,
Covid19 continues to claim more lives anyhow.

Don’t forget it.
The state can reopen, but you don’t have to “get with it.”

This is not the time to return to normal and flex resilient clout
by laughing at PPE and insisting on taking your family out.

The weekend is upon us again
and I am coming to you as a friend

and asking you not to go out to that bar.
That day is coming – but not here by far.

Stick with me, kinfolk.
Look out for you; don’t be antsy and choke.

You may have to go to work, because the rent don’t stop.
But you don’t have to mingle with friends or cluster shop.

This moment in time is like ‘having sex with no condom in a day
when folks are dying in droves of AIDS.

CAVEAT EMPTOR on enjoying the public in a public place,
I’m Qui
at home scriptwriting for tomorrows TV — I’m inspired by today.
Headlines narrate that viruses don’t play.

Inform Yourself. 

Science Rocks!

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