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Lines that parallel…

Both George and Georgia had long lines yesterday and it was worth it. It was sooo worth it.
If as a nation we’re pregnant with unity – lines for these times will birth it.

Georgia is in labor; push-push-push-breathe!
Regurgitate how you’ve been living as of late and vote heave.

The sweat on your brow is beautiful. I pray every single vote connects.
Voting is the American way (in addition to pray) to get annoyances off of our neck.

Necks are precious as is the current movement and memory of George Floyd.
He lost his voice a couple of weeks ago, though he gifted us united noise.

I know this is only the 3rd day of the week, but I lie to you not -I do feel a little worn,
Floyd Mayweather, Rev. Sharpton and the global community know how to sound an alarm.

I can’t get over the outpour of love shown around the world.
I pray for us collectively and every parent-less boy and girl…

rose-searchlightregardless of your age if you lost your parent or family member to violence,
this publication of love is for you; you do not have to mourn in silence.

The spirit of collected care is in the air and it is yours for the taking, too.
Indulge in love and heal on the truths. I’m over here thinking about you.

Long were the lines to vote in Georgia yesterday;
no hanging chads or shenanigans to follow, I pray.

As long as those wait lines were – the news clips did show
chairs and comfy shoes being worn by patient and patriotic folk.

MY VOTE DON’T COUNT” is better than a PSA on VOTING

The American people are energized to vote; I, too am one.
Inserting gamification into life; voting effects the sum.

red-lips-lipstickBut how? Liberty is fixing her lips; do side-eye peep her.
The sway of her scales are in play; she looks like a Libra.

What are her traits? Diplomatic, fair, idealistic, and social.
She’s everything you’d want her to be except sometimes too negotiable.

balancing-scales_libra“Weighing things out and taking truths into consideration…”
t’is what has delivered us to the moment of healing our nation.

Don’t negotiate this time. Do not trade the last 15-days for nothing.
The direction that we are all headed in will yield us a lot of loving.

Boy have we got love pending that we need to express.
George and Georgia supporters know about united love best.

Broaching change, do let us continue to crest. After all we are at the top of the week’s hump,
I’m Qui
Happy Hump day to thee. Our unity has the whole world getting crunk.

Suppression belongs on the smell-gland of a skunk.

In all that you do
don’t play the role of Pepe LePew
not when united love is coming through.

Breathe baby. Breathe!

YOU are beautiful.

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